Hypotheek4Starters: Expert mortgage advice for starters

Hypotheek4Starters: Expert mortgage advice for starters


In 2022, the interest rates for mortgages in the Netherlands rose sharply, whereas the interest rates in 2023 remained fairly stable. The beginning of 2024, however, has shown a slight increase in interest rates, with a slightly downward trend later on in the year. Additionally, we can expect housing prices to continue to rise in the near future.

With the Dutch housing market constantly in flux, it is wise to consult an experienced mortgage advisor like Hypotheek4Starters, who offers specialised advice and guidance for expats.

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What can Hypotheek4Starters do for expats?

Are you considering buying a house? The first thing you should do is call the team from Hypotheek4Starters for an exploratory meeting. In this conversation, which can take place by telephone, they ask you specific questions to determine your ideal mortgage. Then, they tell you which documents are needed for this process, which are then uploaded and stored via a secure line.

Their team requests these documents because it helps them to make reliable calculations so that you know for sure what you can do in the housing market. After this, you can start searching for a home that suits you best.

Already found your perfect home?

Have you found the ideal home already? Feel free to contact Hypotheek4Starters, who can guide you in purchasing the property. For instance, they can advise you on what questions to ask during the property viewing and what to look out for. The seller has an obligation to provide information, but you must ask the right questions to obtain the essential information.

Bidding process

If you want to bid on the property, Hypotheek4Starters will first investigate the actual value of the property and advise you about this. They can also take over the actual bidding process for you. The benefit of this is that since they have contact with various selling real estate agents, they have an advantage over regular real estate agents.

After all, as mortgage advisors, they have already calculated your financial options - which is a major advantage in the bidding process. For this extensive guidance, they only charge 950 euros, including VAT and on a no cure, no pay basis.

You have purchased the house

If you have decided to purchase the property, Hypotheek4Starters will guide you in concluding the purchase agreement. They know what to pay attention to and advise you accordingly. At the same time, they make new calculations specifically for the purchased home and take your personal wishes and circumstances into account.

This way, they ensure that the mortgage fully suits you and, once everything has been discussed, they will apply for the mortgage.

Advisory report

Because a mortgage is a long-term obligation, Hypotheek4Starters also analyses which events influence the affordability of the mortgage. For example, if you become unemployed, disabled or you retire or pass away, will the mortgage remain affordable? Their team discusses these topics in their advisory report.

If it is wise to take out insurance for these potential risks, they will do so free-of-charge. They do this because they see this as a service and are not insurance sellers who are looking for customers.

Mortgage rates

The rates for mortgage advice from Hypotheek4Starters are very competitive. For example, for an individual who is starting out their career, they will ask 1.600 euros for:

  • Making calculations
  • Applying for a mortgage
  • Preparing an advisory report
  • Possibly arranging insurance
  • Checking documents and consulting with a notary

In short, Hypotheek4Starters provides guidance from the beginning of your mortgage journey until the notary. Check out their website for a complete overview of their rates.

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The combination of competitive rates and extensive services is rarely found in the Dutch housing market. Hypotheek4Starters lives up to what they say, so get started and experience their mortgage services today.



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