How to settle down hassle-free by renting furniture

How to settle down hassle-free by renting furniture

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Feeling comfortable in your new place is critical for everybody’s acclimatisation process. Thanks to rental services for furniture, like the one offered by Move&Rent, you are able to settle down quickly and stress-free!

Did you know that moving or relocating is considered one of the key reasons people experience stress? Of course, there’s the packing and unpacking, but managing your budget and subscriptions can become emotional stress factors too. It takes time and effort to learn the idiosyncrasies of a new culture, meet new people and manage the impact this all has on your kids and finances. Within these intense circumstances, the comfort of your home provides the basis for you to keep all balls in the air.

The current situation on the Dutch housing market

Expats who come to the Netherlands for work might arrive with just a suitcase, with their jobs and other matters they have to deal with consuming a lot of time and energy. At the same time, the current situation on the Dutch real estate market presents several challenges for them. Finding a furnished flat is often problematic, especially in the cities, where demand exceeds supply. As a result, people will be moving from one rental property to another. This too leads to a higher demand for renting home furnishings.

Flexibility and mobility

Flexibility and mobility are trends that many businesses and individuals seek nowadays. Not only in jobs, but in many other aspects of our lives do we prefer renting over owning (cars, clothing or movies for instance). Furnishing a home is usually a long process. Where to go for this and where to go for that? Rental services for furniture offer an all-inclusive service for those who want to avoid the hassle of furnishing their homes. Imagine you’re on a temporary assignment somewhere, or a two-year internship. Would selecting and shopping for furniture be on the top of your list? Perhaps not.

No need to buy everything at once

Furnished accommodations have been available for years, but what if you were able to choose your own style from behind your laptop? Wouldn’t you want to handpick your main pieces of furniture and choose exactly what matches your style? Rental services for furniture let you select individual items, or an entire pack and a renting period. Personalising your home with your preferred contemporary style is ultimately also a way of spreading costs, since you don’t need to come up with a large sum of money when buying everything at once.

No more stress

Moving and renting furniture is completely stress-free because everything is taken care of! Your rental provider delivers the furniture to your home and installs it in your living room, office, kitchen, bedroom, etc. If anything gets damaged unexpectedly, they come to fix it, and at the end of the rental period, they collect the items, so you don’t have to worry about reselling them or throwing them away.

Giving furniture a second life

The added value of a rental service is not only the fact that you don’t have to own your furniture, but also that the items will get a second life when you don’t need them any longer. Imagine that about 10 billion kilograms of furniture are discarded by businesses and consumers in the European Union each year, the majority of which is destined for either landfill or incineration, where only about 10 percent is recycled. And a piece usually still has five to 25 more years to go - giving furniture a second life is therefore an ideal solution.

Furthermore, these providers often offer a tailor-made concept with furniture from their partners; therefore, they don’t require to keep stock in a warehouse. And when the used furniture is returned or recycled at the end of the rental contract, no waste is produced. The circular economy at its core. After all, businesses, as well as individuals, increasingly choose a more sustainable approach or lifestyle.

Autonomy, flexibility, and sustainability come together in the concept of renting furniture. Thanks to these services, you can set up your ideal home stress-free and in no time. Check out Move&Rent in the Netherlands to see what they have to offer.

Sébastien Monnet


Sébastien Monnet

Sébastien is born in Paris and settled down in Amsterdam in 2006. Currently Benelux Country Manager at Move&Rent, and as an expat himself, he knows the challenges of moving to...

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