How to get your dream kitchen

How to get your dream kitchen

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Are you looking to buy a kitchen? In this article, Stox Kitchens & Flooring delves deeper into the kitchen business, and provides you with some key pointers that should help you realise the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Purchasing a kitchen is not an easy process, there’s a plethora of kitchen companies out there and making sure you get the kitchen that you desire can be complicated. It’s important to make sure you find a kitchen designer that suits your personal needs, and can deliver what you’re looking for. However, if you follow these tips, the kitchen of your dreams will be one step closer!

Choose materials that fit your way of life

One of the most important things to remember is that there are a large number of materials to choose from but not all materials fit certain lifestyles and home situations. Some materials will hold up a lot better than others. This is especially important to consider if you have small children, or a multitude of pets, for example.

Say you would like a kitchen with a glossy finish, keeping this finish in a good state is going to be difficult if you have three young children running around, potentially damaging the kitchen. Maintenance could be quite frustrating in this case. Most kitchen advisors will gladly help you find a material that fits your living situation. All you need to do is make clear to them what your current, or future, family situation is.

Don’t be afraid to trust the right kitchen advisor (keukenadviseur)

Kitchen advisors want to sell you a kitchen, and people find salesmen generally pushy. But the fact that they’re trying to sell you something does not mean that they don’t want to help you. Look for kitchen advisors who will be patient with you, and truly listen to your wants and needs.

Buying a kitchen is not something you tend to decide upon within a matter of minutes, trustworthy advisors will not take offence if you decide to think about the offer made to you. It also helps to make your intentions clear beforehand. If you’re still orienting, let the advisor know, it will make the process go smoother and be more pleasant.

Read up on the kitchen supplier that you intend to visit

It’s no secret these days that a lot of information about kitchen companies can be found on the internet. It’s essential to use this information to your advantage. There are specific websites tailored to the kitchen industry, which will have more strictly filtered reviews. These websites go a long way to make sure that the reviews are genuine and truthful, thus making them a great source to gain information about your potential kitchen supplier.

Read up on reviews, the good and the bad, and make sure you get a clear image of the targeted kitchen supplier. Reviews often share valuable insights from previous customers and can give you some good knowledge into various things like their aftersales service.

Know your own space

One way of minimising the risk of errors in your offer is to make sure you are aware of the dimensions that you’re trying to fit this new kitchen in. Measure and double-check the measurements with your advisor. It never hurts to double-check, and any information you can provide upfront is useful. And don’t worry; once you have agreed to purchase a kitchen, a professional will take the measurements again before placing the final order.

Quality matters

The most expensive does not always equal the best in class, that’s one thing that’s for certain. But going to a kitchen company that will create a tailored kitchen just for you will most likely result in a better kitchen than getting a ready-made kitchen.

By hand-picking various components of your kitchen, you will be able to select the brands of your preference, and interchange parts and / or brands that you don’t like. Thus creating a kitchen that fully matches your wishes and desired quality levels.

Look for the CBW mark of quality

In the Netherlands, there is a certain stamp of approval / guarantee in the kitchen industry. This should be a given, but it is still important to make sure it applies to your chosen kitchen company.

The CBW mark basically entails that:

  • You have at least a two-year guarantee on your purchase
  • Extra regulations surrounding down payments as an additional insurance
  • If, in the worst case, your complaints don’t get handled accordingly, you can escalate your complaint to an impartial committee, which will review the complaint and assist you with taking the appropriate action 

Explore and have fun!

Last but not least, designing your new kitchen with an advisor should be a fun experience, so don’t be afraid to explore.

There are some tools that designers use which make the whole design process incredibly transparent. Even giving you the option to render your kitchen design in 3D for example. Therefore, you should not be afraid to go to a kitchen company and let them know your wishes in detail. The results of a custom-tailored kitchen tend to be stunning when compared to a pre-fabricated kitchen.

Making a choice about your floor and / or kitchen is not a simple decision. However, it will be a lot easier with Stox Kitchens & Flooring helping you out. This Amsterdam-based kitchen and flooring specialist aims to inspire you, within the boundaries of your budget, and help realise the kitchen of your dreams.



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