How to buy a house in the Netherlands: Tips from an expat mortgage adviser

How to buy a house in the Netherlands: Tips from an expat mortgage adviser


So, you've made up your mind: you want to buy a property in the Netherlands! You will probably go straight to a bank like ING, Rabobank or ABN-AMRO to apply for a mortgage. This is a common thing to do in most countries.

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However, in the Netherlands, there are about 30 organisations, including the large banks, that provide mortgage loans. There is a large pool of independent financial advisers and mortgage brokers who can represent your interest and find the best organisation for you.

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A&H Finance is a well-known and prize-winning mortgage adviser in the greater Amsterdam and The Hague areas with many positive client reviews on Google, Advieskeuze and Independer. And that’s not all, A&H Finance was awarded “Best independent mortgage adviser of the Netherlands” by visitors of comparison site Independer, five times in a row!

So, who better to share some tips when it comes to buying a house in the Netherlands than A&H Finance?

Top tips for buying a house in the Netherlands

Planning on buying a house here? Make sure you read the following tips from A&H Finance:

  • Always stay in touch with your adviser during the process and inform your financial adviser when your bid has been accepted. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for an explanation. It is important to understand the Dutch mortgage process, so you will not have to deal with any nasty surprises. This is why A&H Finance offers full English speaking support. 
  • Know exactly what you want and what you are allowed to borrow based on your income and assets. 
  • Ask your adviser for assistance to hire a purchase broker, a real estate appraiser, and a technical inspector if needed.
  • Look at the mortgage interest rate, but also at the conditions from different lenders with your adviser. The mortgage should not endanger your future.
  • If housing in Amsterdam is too expensive, check on for houses around the Amsterdam region - there are some great municipalities to check out! Sometimes the house prices just 10 kilometres outside of Amsterdam are significantly lower than the prices in the city itself.
  • Be aware that the big banks only have one proposition for you, which is not necessarily the best one for you, personally.
  • Choose a financial adviser with whom you are most comfortable and who you really trust to work on your behalf.

A&H Finance for expats

Are you going to bid on a house, was your bid accepted or do you need extra support in getting the Dutch system explained? Let A&H Finance know about your wishes and a meeting will be planned quickly!

After your first meeting with A&H Finance, you will understand a lot more about the different kinds of mortgage types and providers in the Netherlands, as well as how the interest is calculated, and what options match perfectly with your financial situation, now and in the future.

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