Home sales in the Netherlands (seem to be) improving!

In May 2012, there were 2,7 percent more residential properties sales (on volume) than the same month last year.

Recent figures by the Dutch land registry show that sales over the first four months of 2012 have increased in all Dutch provinces with the biggest improvements in Limburg (+29,1 percent) and North Holland / Amsterdam region (+29 percent).

According to the Dutch Association of real estate agents (NVM), it is too soon to celebrate: "There is no trend. The spring is always better than the winter months," says a spokesman. 

The NVM attributes a significant role in the increase in sales to owners speeding up their purchase transactions in order to take advantage of reduced property transfer tax.

Property transfer tax was lowered to 2 percent as a temporary measure in June last year and the expectation was that this tax advantage would lapse in July of this year.

However, last May the Dutch government decided to keep the lower 2 percent transfer tax levy (formerly 6 percent) for the foreseeable future. This is a positive development in the current market, especially in and around the city of Amsterdam.

Keep in mind that the transfer tax is still 2 percent and there are a lot of good quality properties available a purchase can be a very good alternative if you know what you are doing.

Source: Kadaster

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