Here is why many expats are moving to Eindhoven

Here is why many expats are moving to Eindhoven

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Are you planning to move to the Netherlands? Have you thought about Eindhoven? Crown Relocations tells us why you should consider moving to this vibrant city.

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands? How about moving to Eindhoven? Lovingly known as "Lichtstad" (the City of Light) due to its history with electronics giant Phillips, Eindhoven has much to offer. Here are just a few of the unique reasons why many expats are moving to Eindhoven every year.

Eindhoven's bright history 

Eindhoven is a modern and vibrant city with stunning scenery. It may be hard to believe when you first see it, but it is actually one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. A large part of Eindhoven’s history goes back to the founding of Philips Electronics, which was established in Eindhoven in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik.

The company had a big impact on the city, as it was turned into a place to keep Philips' employees happy. From this came housing for staff, a hospital and even a football team, which is still going strong today!

Eindhoven’s football team, PSV, dates all the way back to 1911. You can find out more at the PSV Museum, if you’re interested.

Former Philips factory Klokgebouw is now a creative hub within Eindhoven, as well as another past Philips building, which is now known as Radio Royaal, predominantly a restaurant and meeting space.


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The way that Eindhoven has been able to convert itself from a functional industrial space for the electronics giant Philips to a modern and innovative city is something to be admired.

Architecturally, the designs of the buildings are still inspiring architects and designers today. For example, the Eindhoven train station is shaped like an old Philips radio. Complete with frequency display, speaker antenna and dialling wheel!

Technology invasion

It’s likely no surprise that Eindhoven has since attracted other multinational companies, such as NXP, ASML, and Oce, as well as the world-class Eindhoven University of Technology and the globally prestigious Design Academy. All of which have helped make Eindhoven a true city of innovation and design.

For expats looking for a new challenge, know that Eindhoven is a major destination for highly skilled internationals. According to government data, there are an estimated 40.000 highly skilled expats living in the city and 70.000 in the surrounding Limburg and Brabant provinces.

Best places to live in Eindhoven

There are many nice neighbourhoods in Eindhoven. Which one will suit you and your family the best?

The city centre

The city centre is predominately popular with single expats and couples. Accommodation in the city centre is mainly new, with scores of excellent restaurants and a shopping mall nearby.


The former Dutch province of North Brabant is largely a residential area. There are plenty of houses and apartments available to suit any budget.

South Eindhoven

Gestel is a popular choice for expats travelling with young families due to the international primary school situated in the area, as well as the Philips High Tech Campus. Another perk to living here is the Tongelreep International Swimming complex. An alternative option for living in South Eindhoven is Stratum. This is a popular choice for many expats moving to the city, due to its wide range of housing options.

Learning the language

If you are moving to the Netherlands long term, it’s advisable to learn the local language. However, you shouldn’t have any problems getting around when you arrive, as almost everyone living and working in the area will be able to speak English.

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