Hague insulation subsidy proves extremely popular

A new subsidy for roof and floor insulation for residents of The Hague has proven to be so popular that the municipality lowered the subsidy payment as of October 1, 2012, so that more people would get the opportunity to take advantage of it.

The Municipality of The Hague is lowering the subsidy payment from 35 euros per square metre to 20 euros per square metre so that the allotted funds are divided among more homeowners, and therefore more homes end up getting insulated. Thus far, the municipality has received requests for 60.000 square metres of insulation for 860 homes, equivalent to the area of approximately 10 football pitches.

Well-insulated floors and roofs keep homes warmer and dryer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Homeowners not only can save money on their heating and cooling costs, but also help to reduce CO2 emissions by using less fossil fuels to control the temperatures of their homes.

The subsidy is intended for owners of homes built before 1985. Private owners, homeowners associations, and tenants renting on the private market can apply for a subsidy until November 1, 2014 (or until the funds run out).

Eligible applicants can qualify for a subsidy of 20 euros per square metre to insulate their roofs and floors. The subsidy may cover up to a maximum of 70 percent of the actual costs. The work must be carried out in compliance with specific instructions.

You can download an application form to apply for a subsidy and find the instruction sheets on the Dutch-language municipal website. The subsidy will be paid out once the work has been completed.

The subsidy is part of The Hague's plan to become a city with clean air, sustainable homes, responsible companies, and a flourishing economy through the cooperation of residents, companies, government, and social organisations. 

Source: The Municipality of The Hague

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