Get the royal treatment during your relocation

Get the royal treatment during your relocation


Whatever your requirements for immigrating to the Netherlands, Royal De Gruijter offers the full spectrum of relocation services to private individuals, small to mid-size local businesses, and large multinationals with employees around the globe.

Get the royal treatment with the Mondrian bespoke relocation package

The Mondrian bespoke relocation package

Royal De Gruijter understands that each assignee or client has unique relocation needs. That is why they have designed a relocation package called the Mondrian, after the famous Dutch artist. The Mondrian can be customised to the individual, depending on their unique situation and budget.

Using the lump-sum allowance decided on by your company, Royal De Gruijter’s relocation consultant will design a relocation plan that is tailored to your priorities and therefore guarantees a smooth relocation. You (and your HR department) can draw on their experience and expertise while you remain the architect of your relocation to the Netherlands.


The components of a relocation

There are three phases to a relocation: the preparatory phase, the arrival phase and the departure phase. Each phase has separate services or components that you can include or exclude from your Mondrian package.

Royal preparation

This package includes a preview tour, immigration solutions including visa applications, cultural training, home search and temporary accommodation.

Royal landing

This package includes household goods moving, pet relocation, vehicle transport, school search (local and international), settling-in services - including local registration, bank accounts and cell phones - spousal assistance, the 30% tax ruling, and a local orientation tour that includes sports facilities, supermarkets and your nearest medical practitioners.

Royal return

This package includes departure assistance, including winding down of rental agreement and outgoing inspections.

A dedicated account manager

No matter which components you choose, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager for the duration of your time in Royal De Gruijter’s care. They will be your guide through the entire relocation process, making recommendations and suggestions that will help you integrate into the Netherlands and your specific host city.

Depending on your precise requirements, they will assemble a team of expert professionals to assist you and coordinate your move with any external service providers. Coordinating these activities will make no demands on your time: your account manager will liaise with everyone involved and will report their progress at pre-agreed intervals.

The royal warrant of quality since 1920

First established as De Gruijter in 1881, the company started calling itself Royal De Gruijter in 1920, when they earned the royal warrant for the quality of removal services they performed for the Dutch royal family. This privilege is bestowed on only a few Dutch companies, and it is one of which they are naturally very proud.

A company that has been awarded the royal warrant is subject to regular audits and inspections to ensure that it remains worthy of the title. Royal De Gruijter attaches great importance to quality, in keeping with the obligations that the title brings. As their customer, you are assured of a personal service delivered with integrity by staff who are driven by a passion for their profession.

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