Get the answers to your legal questions about Dutch rental contracts

Get the answers to your legal questions about Dutch rental contracts


Being an expat in the Netherlands comes with a variety of legal questions and challenges. These must be understood, addressed and resolved to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

HelloLaw delivers affordable, fast, practical and professional legal advice to everyone. Every year, they answer around 40.000+ legal questions. They have a network of over 550+ lawyers in the Netherlands and around 95% of legal questions result in a solution without having to go to court.

Let’s find out how HelloLaw can help you with your expat query about rental contracts!

Looking for student accommodation in the Netherlands?

Are you currently not living in the Netherlands, but you want to study here? One of the first tasks to tackle is finding a place to live. You can choose between varying types of accommodation. These include a room in a student residence or independent accommodation, such as an apartment or a studio. Of course, you can also decide to rent a house in the private sector.

Finding a place to live in a “new” country isn’t always that easy or straightforward, but HelloLaw can make sure you land on your feet by helping you with the small print in your rental contract and any possible pitfalls when dealing with a rental agency. This includes information about Dutch social housing and housing associations.

Are you about to sign your new rental contract?

Help is at hand. Have you read and understood the small print of your rental contract? HelloLaw is currently running a one-time offer! If you become a HelloLaw Member by the end of September, you will receive a rental contract check for FREE!

Become a member, get a free rental contract check!

HelloLaw can advise on the following housing queries, such as:

  • Notice periods for rental agreements 
  • The legal and (and illegal) reasons your landlord can evict you
  • Any irregular clauses within the rental contract (i.e. being forbidden to have a pet etc.) 
  • The rights of a landlord and tenant when the tenancy period is over, and it is time to return your deposit
  • Your rental agency asking for additional fees during the rental contract process
  • If your landlord raises your rent midway through the tenancy agreement

HelloLaw’s team of skilled and dynamic legal advisors are here to help with queries on the implications of being an expat here in the Netherlands, and much more!

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