Finsens: All-round financial advice for expats

Finsens: All-round financial advice for expats


Seeking trustworthy advice from companies with strong expertise on specific expat financial issues can be a difficult job. Especially when it concerns your financial situation, it is important to build a trustful relationship with your advisor. He needs to know what is best for you.

Finsens has over 25 years of experience with expat finances

Finsens, a financial consultancy firm at the Herengracht in Amsterdam, has advised expats in the Netherlands for more than 25 years regarding mortgages, asset management, and financial planning.

Questions about mortgages?

Do you have questions about mortgages, such as:

  • What is the impact of a mortgage for a non-European resident?
  • Is there a positive impact on my mortgage based on my 30% ruling?
  • I am self-employed, can I get a mortgage?
  • Can I get a mortgage at every bank? What is the best interest rate?

The process of buying a home in the Netherlands is rather different than what most expats are used to in their home country. Finsens guides you through the entire process: from searching for the best mortgage options to coordinating the complete application until the transfer at the notary.

After your first meeting at their office, you will know more about the maximum loan amount, the necessary steps and what is needed to proceed given your circumstances. Based on your situation, Finsens is able to compare the specific conditions and interest rates for expats of all mortgage providers.

Questions about insurances?

Most expats arrange their insurances through their bank. However, most banks provide insurance from only one provider and this provider may not have the best conditions when it comes to their costs and coverage. Finsens has partnered with Midden Friesland Assurantiën to help their clients with their insurances.

Whether it is regarding your home insurance, health insurance or insurances for your business, they are able to advise you on the best insurance given your situation. Furthermore, if something happens and you need to declare damages, Finsens will contact the insurance company for you!

Questions about investment consultancy?

Finsens Investment Consultancy helps investors to fulfil their long-term goals. Finsens is a registered asset manager, which means that the company is supervised by the AFM, the Dutch authority for financial markets.

Besides investment portfolios of exchange-traded and mutual funds, they also participate in alternative investments for their clients, such as real estate and SME loans. Based on your risk preferences and investment goals, Finsens will provide you with an investment portfolio which corresponds with your preferences.

Questions about real estate brokerage?

When buying real estate in Amsterdam you need expertise. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, but a lot of buildings require attention regarding, for example, the foundation and the quality of the housing association.

Moreover, due to the booming market, Amsterdam is a difficult market for buyers. Many people overbid the asking price and it is hard to figure out what the right price is to make the winning bid. Finsens Makelaardij knows the market and can help you in finding the right place and support you in making a fair offer for the property you like.

Contact Finsens

Finsens Makelaardij is part of the Dutch real estate brokerage association (NVM) and the Amsterdam real estate brokerage association (MVA). For detailed information about the services Finsens offers, fill in the form below. 

Contact Finsens

If you would like detailed information about Finsens services for expats, fill in the form or call +31(0)20-2624350. 

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