Energy bills in the Netherlands set to rise next year

Energy bills in the Netherlands set to rise next year

Not exactly the New Year’s gift you wanted... Energy bills in the Netherlands are set to rise by a definite 60 euros per year by 2022, warns homeowners’ association Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH). That’s not next year I hear you say, however, the increase may be implemented in steps starting next year.

Higher energy prices

These extra costs are in addition to the expected higher taxes on gas in the coming years. Around half of all energy bills are now actually taxes, a calculated move on the government’s part to encourage the reduction of gas usage. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) said earlier this year that energy bills for 2019 would increase by, on average, more than 334 euros per household, following tax increases implemented on January 1.

Increasing grid management costs

Recently, state-owned high-voltage grid operator TenneT won a lawsuit against watchdog ACM. With this win, TenneT is now allowed to pass on higher investment costs to consumers with retroactive effect. This will likely increase energy bills. According to the VEH, the extra investments are needed to connect solar farms and wind turbines to the grid.

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