Dutch housing market decline, but improvement expected

In June 2011, the number of houses sold was 12,6% less than in June 2010, according to Kadaster.

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9.549 homes were sold in June this year as opposed to 10.929 in June 2010
there was a decrease of 3,7% since May 2011, with the greatest reduction in Noord-Brabant (-11,1%) and the smallest in Limburg (-2,3%)

Note that the Dutch Land Registry Office records the date that the deed of a property is publicly registered, after the sale is finalised. Thus, the June 2011 statistics do not yet reflect any change in the market promoted by the reduction of transfer tax, effective from June 15, 2011. 

The recent reduction in transfer tax is still expected to boost overall house sales in the Netherlands.

About Kadaster
The Dutch Land Registry Office is a self-administering state body that collects and records information about registered properties in the Netherlands and makes this information available to members of the public.



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