Dutch to English mini mortgage dictionary

Dutch to English mini mortgage dictionary

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Individual financial planning experts Finsens translate common mortgage expressions and phrases from English to Dutch.

 Additional credit regulation – Bijleenregeling
 Annuity mortgage – Annuïteiten hypotheek
 Application form – Aanvraagformulier
 Bank guarantee – Bankgarantie
 Building costs – Stichtingskosten
 Civil-law notary – Notaris
 Commitment fee – Bereidstellingsprovisie
 Completion statement – Nota van afrekening
 Condition precedent – Ontbindende voorwaarden
 Conditions of insurance – Verzekeringsvoorwaarden
 Costs for the purchaser’s account – Kosten koper
 Declaration by employer – Werkgeversverklaring
 Deed of conveyance – Leveringsakte
 Disability coverage – Arbeidsongeschiktheidsdekking
 Early redemption – Vervroegde aflossing
 Endowment mortgage – Levenhypotheek
 Extra costs – Meerwerk
 Fixed interest – Vaste rente
 Fixed interest period – Rentevaste periode
 Forced-sale value – Executiewaarde
 Income tax return – Aangifte inkomstenbelasting
 Instalment – Aflossing(stermijn)
 Interest, interest rate – Rente
 Interest-only mortgage – Aflossingsvrije hypotheek
 Investment mortgage – Beleggershypotheek
 Life insurance – Levensverzekering / Overlijdensrisicoverzekering
 Market value – Vrije verkoopwaarde
 Mortgage – Hypotheek
 Mortgage application – Hypotheekaanvraag
 Mortgage conditions – Hypotheekvoorwaarden
 Mortgage debt – Hypotheekschuld
 Mortgage deed – Hypotheekakte
 Mortgage loan – Hypothecaire lening
 Mortgage payments – Hypotheeklasten
 Mortgage with life insurance – Levenhypotheek
 Net monthly costs – Netto maandlasten
 Notional rental value for owner-occupiers Eigenwoningforfait
 Passport Paspoort
 Pledging Verpanding
 Policy Polis
 Premium Premie
 Purchase priceKoopsom
 Real estate broker/agentMakelaar
 Received rent – Ontvangen huur
 Redemption – Aflossing
 Residence permit – Verblijfsvergunning
 Salary slip – Slarisstrook
 Sales contract – Koopcontract
 Savings-based mortgage – Spaarhypotheek
 Seller/vendor – Verkoper
 Surplus value – Overwaarde
 Tenant/renter – Huurder
 Term – Looptijd
 To pass a mortgage deedPasseren van hypotheekakte
 Transfer dateTransportdatum
 Valuation reportTaxatierapport
 Variable/flexible interestVariabele rente

Buying a home is a complicated and often confusing process even when using your native language in a system you are familiar with.

Hopefully these terms will make it a bit easier to buy a home in the Netherlands - although we still recommend asking the specialists!

Henk van Seijen is a partner at Finsens, specialists in rendering services to expats in the areas of tax, mortgages and investment advice.

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Henk van Seijen


Henk van Seijen

With 20 years of experience Henk van Seijen is the professional to contact mortgages and financial planning. He is partner at Finsens.

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