Does COVID-19 affect your chances of getting a mortgage?

Does COVID-19 affect your chances of getting a mortgage?

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It’s April 2021 and we need to conclude that COVID-19 has been affecting us for more than a year already. We hope you are still fit and healthy as an ox though. We also hope that COVID-19 has not brought only misery but also a few good experiences and positive insights.

As a mortgage broker, we’ve noticed that more and more people are dreaming about a new “home”. We have also noticed an increased uncertainty among expats regarding their financial options due to the possible impact of COVID-19. But don’t worry, there is some good news on this.

Good to know

Good for you to know:

  • Mortgage providers still grant mortgages to expats
  • The conditions for a mortgage still are the same for expats and Dutchies
  • In most cases, the process of getting a mortgage is still not more difficult for expats than that for people with a Dutch passport.

Important aspects to take into consideration

That said, there are important aspects to take into consideration before you start the search for a home and apply for a mortgage:

Temporary contract

Due to COVID-19, mortgage providers are more reluctant when it comes to situations where people have a temporary contract. Especially when you have a contract with the intention to extend it for a limited time (again) rather than for an indefinite period. In this situation, mortgage providers might ask for a track record of approximately three years to determine your income. Therefore, make sure you know what kind of contract you have and check the possible impact on your income before you start looking for your dream house.


Mortgage providers like to know more about the possible impact of COVID-19 on the company you work for or on your business. They will also ask if you have a backup, like savings. These questions are part of a standard questionnaire (feel free to ask us for a copy).


A number of mortgage providers face difficulties with their workload. There is still a high demand for mortgages versus a sometimes decreased capacity due to illness and homeschooling. Therefore, you should know that it might take a little more time than usual to get final approval.

Preparation is key

In general, all lights are still green when it comes to financing your home. However, the process can be a bit more intense compared to how it used to be before COVID-19. But no worries, there is a way to deal with this and that is plain and simple: by being prepared.

If you would like to know more about how you can prep yourself for a mortgage application, please drop a line because that is Klår’s business. They would love to be your guide and sparring partner from the very start, all the way to the notary! Contact them now for more info.

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