Design Labodina: The design trend taking over the Netherlands

Design Labodina: The design trend taking over the Netherlands


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In the summer of 2023, the interior design team at Design Labodina got curious about people's design preferences, especially focusing on those living in the Netherlands. To delve deeper into this, they came up with a fun quiz where the participants were shown pairs of interior pictures in different styles and had to pick their favourite.

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Design Labodina’s advanced approach consists of a series of 45 choices covering nine different interior styles, so that participants can pinpoint their exact design taste. At the end of the quiz, they get a tailored list of design references and a detailed description of their unique style. The feedback has been amazing! Many participants felt the quiz truly captured their personal preferences.

The most popular designs in the Netherlands

Although the responses came from people in 44 countries, the primary focus of the quiz was on Dutch residents. Over 500 respondents in the Netherlands, speaking 8 different languages, overwhelmingly favoured the Japandi style, giving it a winning rate of 64 percent.

Trailing closely behind was the elegant Quiet Luxury at 61 percent, followed by Eclectic Boho (56 percent), Realistic Modern (55 percent), and classic Scandinavian styles (51 percent).


Japandi is a fresh design trend that perfectly fuses the serene minimalism of Japanese interiors with the homely warmth of the Scandinavian style. It's a blend that's becoming more popular each year.

At its core, Japandi involves a love for natural elements including different types of wood, leather, cotton, linen, marble, glass, and metals. This mix offers homes a relaxing, harmonious atmosphere filled with elegance while beautifully bridging European and Asian cultures.

The least popular designs in the Netherlands

On the other end of the spectrum, the Colonial style was least popular in the Netherlands, securing only a 37 percent win rate. Other styles like Old Money, Modern Constructivism, Art Deco, and Dutch hovered in the 42 to 46 percent range.

These findings are quite fascinating and will likely influence future building and interior design trends in the region. They'll also impact the demand for the materials, furniture, and lighting.


Design Labodina: Passionate interior designers

At Design Labodina, they don't just help clients discover their ideal home styles. They create and adapt interiors based on a vast knowledge of budget-suitability, functionality, aesthetics, and unique characteristics of each style.

They are passionate about working with individual clients and love collaborating with makelaars (real estate agents) and their agencies. Additionally, Design Labodina provides an end-to-end solution, assisting in the selection of suppliers, dealers, builders, and other workers.

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If you're thinking about giving your space a makeover or you just need some design advice, book a free 30-minute consultation with Design Labodina. Whether you're still brainstorming ideas or you're down to the final touches like picking out furniture or lighting, their team is there to help you every step of the way.

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