cozycozy: Your guide to being a digital nomad in the Netherlands

cozycozy: Your guide to being a digital nomad in the Netherlands


Embark on your digital nomad journey in the Netherlands with ease! Discover a vibrant hub for remote work and entrepreneurship, guided by cozycozy, the handy accommodation search engine. While a dedicated digital nomad visa is not available in the Netherlands, there are alternative options, ensuring a seamless blend of work and adventure in this dynamic country.

First, let’s see the conditions for working in the Netherlands!

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Legal documents needed for working in the Netherlands

The Netherlands doesn't have a specific digital nomad visa, but options like the MVV Visa and other permits cater to independent workers. Let’s see what these are!

MVV Visa (Long-Stay or Self-Employed Residence Permit)

The MVV Visa is not a specific digital nomad visa but allows digital nomads to register as independent workers. Only non-EU citizens can apply; and the process varies by nationality. It provides you with a self-employed residence permit based on a scoring system, which includes personal experience, business plan, and added value to the country. Responsibilities include tax payments, adherence to local laws, a TB test, and registration with local authorities. Having existing clients in the Netherlands may assist you in obtaining this permit.

Orientation Year Permit

The Orientation Year Permit is intended for graduates from Dutch universities or highly educated foreign nationals. During this orientation year, they can look for work or start a business in the Netherlands.

Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) / Dutch-Japanese Trade Treaty

This treaty was designed for American and Japanese nationals, offering relaxed conditions for starting a business.

Short-stay Schengen Visa

This visa allows travel within the Schengen area for up to 90 days in a three-month period.

Orange Carpet Visa Facility

The Orange Carpet Visa simplifies documentation for frequent travellers to the Netherlands.

Entry Visa

This visa facilitates a return to the Netherlands if your Dutch residence permit was lost or stolen abroad.

Working while travelling in the Netherlands

While working in the Netherlands, you might want to explore the country and all it has to offer. Here are some picturesque Dutch cities that are popular with locals as well as digital nomads:


Known for its vibrant atmosphere and progressive culture, Amsterdam is a digital nomad haven with its picturesque canals and canal houses, cute boutiques and cosy cafes and restaurants. It also offers plenty of coworking spaces like Spaces Vijzelstraat, and a thriving tech scene.

Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Utrecht

These Dutch cities offer a perfect blend of modern amenities, historic charm, and a strong sense of community. With excellent public transport, lively cultural scenes, and diverse coworking options, each city provides an inspiring environment for digital nomads seeking a dynamic work-life balance.

Affordable accommodation anywhere in the Netherlands

No matter what city you choose to stay at, you can easily find accommodation with cozycozy, the accommodation search engine. cozycozy lets you compare options and prices for you in one place, showcasing all available hotels, lodgings, and vacation rentals in the Netherlands.

Tips for balancing work and exploration in the Netherlands

All work and no play is never a good idea. Here are some handy tips so you can make sure your life in the Netherlands is well-balanced: 

  • City and canal workspaces: Utilise canal-side cafes in cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht for picturesque work sessions.
  • Midweek cultural immersion: Dedicate midweek afternoons to exploring museums, such as the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum, without the weekend crowds.
  • Bike-friendly work breaks: Integrate work breaks with short bike rides; explore urban areas or scenic routes like the tulip fields.
  • Flexible coworking memberships: Opt for coworking spaces with flexible memberships, allowing you to work seamlessly in different cities. Spaces like Spaces and TSH Collab offer versatile options in different Dutch locations.
  • Weekend getaways by train: Use efficient train connections to plan weekend getaways, such as exploring historic towns like Haarlem or enjoying the coastal vibes of Scheveningen.

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cozycozy simplifies nomad-friendly stays, offering retreats for every budget. Explore the Netherlands, work from different places, and easily find short-term accommodation with cozycozy’s help.




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