Don't make these mistakes while spring cleaning!

Don't make these mistakes while spring cleaning!

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The cleaners at Helpling have attended a COVID-19 hygiene and disinfection webinar so they are fully prepared to safely clean your home. Every employee has a profile indicating whether they are suitably equipped, and in possession of a face mask and disposable gloves. Get ready to welcome spring into your home.

We are still coping with the effects of the coronavirus, however, vaccinations have begun, and the situation is beginning to look brighter. As the world slowly opens up and spring arrives, it might be time to think about that big spring clean!

Get the most out of your spring cleaning

Temperatures are starting to rise, and the days will be getting longer. Before you know it, the house will get stuffy and dusty and in need of a thorough clean. Time to don your apron and put on your rubber gloves, just make sure to avoid these common mistakes everyone makes while cleaning.

The more soap, the better

It’s a common misconception that the more soap, the cleaner your house will be. Cleaning products do not work better if they produce more soap. Too much soap actually expels the dust from the cleaning cloth, making it less effective in removing your dirt.

Top tip: Always pay attention to the recommended amount of product for spring cleaning or use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Using a dirty mop around the house

Want to mop the house after vacuuming to really make those floors sparkle? Then you need to use a clean mop. A mop is warm, damp and comes into contact with food residues, the ideal place for bacteria to nest and you don’t want that!

Top tip: Wash the mop at 60 degrees every time you use it. Can't wash your mop? Then buy a new one every two months.

Clean windows when the sun is shining

When the sun starts to shine, you suddenly see how dirty those windows are. "Time for action!", you shout as you start scrubbing. Well, it’s probably better you hold your horses. Due to the heat of the sunlight, water with a cleaning agent evaporates much faster on the glass. This creates unsightly stripes on the windows.

Top tip: Be patient and wait until a cloudy day.

Only replace the vacuum cleaner bag when you notice that it is full

You often only notice that you have to replace the vacuum cleaner bag when the vacuum cleaner is barely working. However, it is not recommended to wait until the current bag is about to explode before replacing it. Sand and dust reduce the suction power enormously and food remains will go mouldy inside the vacuum cleaner.

Top tip: Replace the vacuum cleaner bag when it is two-thirds full, for most people this is after 6 to 8 weeks.

Wash in a dirty washing machine

After every wash, your washing machine appears clean and fresh, but appearances can be deceiving. Have you ever had a smelly washing machine? That's because the damp washing drum is the perfect environment for bacteria. A spring cleaning is not complete without also taking care of the washing machine.

Top tip: Solve this problem simply by running a wash with 50 grams of soda in the drum and 50 ml of vinegar in the compartment.

Remove dust with a wet cloth

If you go over the windowsill or bookshelves with a wet cloth, you will immediately see how much dust has collected there. It seems as if you get a lot of credit for your work, but dust actually sticks better to damp surfaces.

Top tip: First dust with a dry cloth or feather duster and then vacuum.

Never defrosting the freezer

Every now and then, you might give the fridge a wipe down, but the freezer is often forgotten. Bacteria are not active at -18 degrees and below, but they come to life as soon as the temperature rises, like if you leave the door open for too long.

Top tip: Include the freezer in your spring cleaning. The easiest way to do this is to fill the empty freezer with towels at night. Remove the wet towels the next day and clean with a soapy water-based or vinegar-based solution.

If you always want a spring-clean clean home, you can book a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning appointment through Helpling.

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