Choosing travel accommodation: what's your type?

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The problem of choice is one of the plagues of our age. If we could reduce the hours of planning, investigating and deciding that go into navigating the world of choice, our lives would be so much easier.

Choosing travel accommodation can be one of the most tedious of these tasks. From room shares to budget hotels to something more substantial or luxurious, the offer of places to stay can be overwhelming.

To find out what accommodation works best for you, alongside the obvious consideration of price, it all depends on where you want to set your boundaries in terms of privacy, space, convenience and interaction.

The accommodation landscape: 3 options

When booking travel accommodation, there are three main options available: the hotel, the room share and the serviced apartment.

Let’s take a look and see which travellers these kinds of experiences might suit, shall we?


The hotel is the industry standard, the old traditional option where room service, house-keeping and tourist advice are easily at hand.

As the grande dame of accommodation, the hotel makes you feel like you're stepping into a tradition of film stars and writers in penury "taking their rooms" in distinguished world capitals.

In a hotel, the fact that everything is taken care of - from travel arrangements, food choices and cleaning - can be a blessing for the busiest people, but can lack personality. At the same time, when your private space is limited to your room, the comforts can start to pale a little.

Preferred option for:

- Short-term business travellers
- The impeccably rich
- Romantics

Room share

The room share - offered by Airbnb and Couchsurfing for example - offers homely comfort and the possibility of forming relationships that give rise to unique experiences, which is what most of us look for while travelling.

Fast-rising in popularity - and in some cases, controversy - room share stays are booked online and based on circles of trust, with both hosts and guests being rated as to how good they are.

The popularity of these places lies in their melting of boundaries as you can make friends and stay in a real home.

At the same time the lack of boundaries can be a challenge. You may have to work around the needs and habits of another’s space, and therefore have less control over your privacy.

Preferred option for:

- Young solo travellers
- Couples
- Groups of friends

Serviced apartment

A middle way between hotel and room share - situated between convenience and homeliness - is the serviced apartment.

Less talked about and less flashy, but certainly delivering on the goods, the serviced apartment offers a comfortable space that maintains privacy whilst having many things, such as cleaning, maintenance and concierge, provided.

In serviced apartments things are done for you whilst you enjoy more control over your own (larger) space. If you are on a less social visit, or already have enough social contact via business associates and friends in the area, this peaceful option might just be the right choice.

In terms of budget, the price is higher than most room shares, but is often better value than a hotel. The drawback compared to a hotel, however, is that serviced apartments are usually cleaned weekly rather than daily and breakfast is self-catered instead of a decadent buffet.

Serviced apartments tend to work better for longer stays and for those who want to create a home environment away from home.

Preferred option for:

- Short- and long-term stays for business travellers
- Longer term stays for families

Your personal preferences

Having too many options can be both a blessing and a burden. Next time you're stuck on which accommodation type to choose, focus on your preferences in terms of convenience, privacy and space to help determine your perfect place to stay!

Where do you prefer to stay when travelling? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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