Brenger: Transporting large items made simple

Brenger: Transporting large items made simple


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You’ve just moved to the Netherlands and you’ve found a nice place to live. But how are you going to move everything you need into your new home? You can easily transport smaller items by mail or move them using your own vehicle, but larger items require another solution. Brenger is that solution.

It's a breeze with Brenger

Brenger is an online platform that connects customers that need help with transporting large items to a courier that is already planning on heading to that area.

So, for example, you've found a nice second-hand sofa on an online marketplace. It’s one of those large sofas that fits not only you and your partner, but also your kids and even the grandparents. The only problem is: the sofa is currently on the other side of the city and getting it to your place will be a struggle. Use Brenger and it will become a breeze!

All you have to do is go to Brenger's site, fill in the details of your transport, pay and wait for the courier to pick up and deliver your sofa.

Even better, Brenger does not only help you move second-hand furniture. Store-bought furniture can be transported using Brenger too. Through partnerships with several Dutch furniture stores, Brenger can transport furniture from stores like IKEA and Goossens directly to your doorstep.

Booking an entire van with the help of a courier

In case you have to transport multiple items or if you have to move to another house, Brenger offers you the option to rent an entire moving van, including a driver. Their quality courier will be at your disposal and will help you load and unload your items. This service is available in the following cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Breda, Haarlem, Amersfoort, Den Bosch and Leiden.

How does it work?

Suppose you want to move that big sofa that you bought from an online second-hand market. You've paid and the sofa is now yours. However, transporting it from the seller to your house is still a big challenge. In comes Brenger! 

Simply fill in the details of the sofa, your address and that of the seller's on Brenger. One of Brenger’s couriers, who is planning on driving to your area and who still has a spot left in their van, will claim your transport request. Next, the courier picks up the sofa at the seller's place and brings it to your new home in an efficient, safe and eco-friendly way. There is also an option for same-day instant delivery within a city, if you are in a hurry. 

Professional couriers

Speaking of the couriers, Brenger aims to attract the best professional couriers of the Netherlands and Belgium. To make sure that your sofa is safely transported to your home, the couriers are reviewed based on the quality of their performance. A high performance status equals more opportunities. This way, couriers are even more motivated to deliver excellent service and you can be sure that your sofa will be handled with care.

Brenger makes it easier to transport your items

It's easy. Follow these simple steps and have your sofa, laundry machine, closet, or whatever else moved within days:

  1. View Brenger’s competitive prices online, choose a pick-up and delivery time slot, enter your details and pay.
  2. Brenger will contact you to let you know which professional courier will be coming.
  3. The courier moves your stuff!

Head over to Brenger to fill in your details and book your transport today!

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