Consolidated shipping: Cheaper and more environmentally friendly!

Consolidated shipping: Cheaper and more environmentally friendly!


Planning a move overseas? If so, you’re likely considering your shipping options. Consolidated shipping is a popular choice, but what is it and is it for you? Netherlands-based international moving company AGS Global Solutions shares the ins and outs of this shipping method so you can make an informed choice.

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What exactly is consolidated shipping?

Consolidated shipping, also known as groupage shipping, is when your household goods share a shipping container with other household goods going to the same destination.

When is consolidated shipping a good choice?

If you're only moving a few items, or if your budget is tight, consolidated shipping may be a good option. You should also consider it if you live in an apartment or small house, because even if you pack everything, you might struggle to fill a container by yourself.

The advantages of consolidated shipping

The main advantage of consolidated shipping is that it's much cheaper than full container shipping because you only pay for the space you use. Since the pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in international shipping rates, which has made consolidated shipping a much more appealing option for many. Consolidated shipping is also more environmentally friendly because there are fewer containers being shipped back to the port of origin and fewer trucks being used overall.

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The disadvantages of consolidated shipping

You should be aware that consolidated shipping takes longer than other shipping methods because your container must be full before it can be shipped, and it may take a while to fill up with other shipments. The good thing, however, is that you don’t pay for storage while you wait. Something else to consider is that your goods will be handled more often. This is because consolidated shipments are loaded and unloaded more often than full container shipments.

How AGS Global Solutions can help with your consolidated shipment

So, how can AGS Global Solutions help you with your consolidated shipment?

Convenience - One point of contact for all your needs

As an AGS Global Solutions client, you are assigned a dedicated move coordinator for the duration of your move. They are your single point of contact, and they will keep you updated at every stage of the consolidated shipping process.

Peace of mind - Origin services and transport

If you’d rather not lift a finger, AGS Global Solutions will send a professional crew to pack your fragile items, disassemble your furniture and wrap it in protective material specifically designed for long-distance shipping. They’ll clearly label every item and then transport it to the AGS Global Solutions secure warehouse in Alphen aan den Rijn.

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Minimal paperwork - Customs formalities

In the Netherlands and at your destination, AGS Global Solutions coordinates the customs clearance process (export and import) and applies for duty-free entry on your behalf where possible.

Ease and comfort - Destination services

Once your personal effects have arrived at their destination, a carefully selected AGS Global Solutions partner delivers them to your door. If you like, they’ll also unpack your boxes, reassemble your furniture and clear any packing debris before leaving you to settle into your new home.

Customise your move with AGS Global Solutions

If you’re considering consolidated shipping for your next move, AGS Global Solutions can help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. They offer free quotes and a variety of services to choose from, so you can customise your move exactly how you want it.



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