Amsterdam Removal: Qualified professionals to help you on your move to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Removal: Qualified professionals to help you on your move to Amsterdam


Moving to Amsterdam isn’t a picnic in the park: it’s not the kind of job you want to leave to just any removals company. You want qualified professionals who know how to get the work done right.

Amsterdam Removal is a company you can trust completely

A moving company in Amsterdam has to know how to deal with specialised circumstances. For example, how to get into an apartment from the 4th floor at the rear side that’s facing one of the canals, or how to make your way through the apparent jungle of neighbourhoods with their typical narrow alleys and one-way streets.

Every part of the city has its own rules and requires different permits for moving. Due to the strict new environmental regulations, only the most modern trucks and vans can be driven into town or, as a matter of fact, into any of the other historical cities in the region.

As the name suggests, Amsterdam Removal is a company you can trust completely to do the job: moving into and within the Amsterdam metropolitan area is their daily business. 

Parking permits

Amsterdam is divided into seven districts. Every district has its own rules and requires different permits for moving. If you let Amsterdam Removal take care of your move, they will gladly arrange the permit for you without any extra charge.

External moving lift

It’s almost impossible to move standard furniture up most Amsterdam staircases - they were specially designed to taunt movers! This is why Amsterdam Removal always uses an external moving lift to move things in through the window or balcony.

Intercontinental Relocation

If you move to Amsterdam from another continent, Amsterdam Removal has fixed prices for unloading containers. They take care of all document handling from the moment your container arrives in Rotterdam port.  If you would like them to arrange your move door to door, contact them for a quote.

Off truck unloading (Europe)

If you move to Amsterdam from another European country, just send a truck and a driver and Amsterdam Removal will take care of the rest! They have fixed prices for off truck unloading in Amsterdam and The Hague and will take care of all permits, check the address if shuttle service or an external moving lift is required, and make sure the move will be conducted smoothly.

Packing and moving is Amsterdam Removal's daily work - and they're happy to do it for you!

Packing and unpacking your boxes

If you prefer to be able to walk through your house as close to moving day as possible without having your living space cluttered with boxes, Amsterdam Removal can arrange to pack up your belongings at the last possible moment. As experienced movers, they are often able to complete the job within just one day. It is also usually possible to have everything packed and ready to go on moving day itself, saving you the trouble of having to camp out and live between moving boxes for days at a time.

And if you’re someone who doesn’t want to have to bother with any unpacking at all, then don’t worry - Amsterdam Removal can do that for you too! Packing and moving is their daily work, and they are happy to do it for you.

Disassembling and reassembling your furniture

In this line of work, the movers at Amsterdam Removal come across all kinds of furniture every day: they know the full Ikea line by heart and can disassemble custom-made designer pieces with professional care. To make your move even easier, they also offer furniture assembly and disassembly services (don’t worry, it’s often much more efficient and inexpensive than you think!). 



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