Amsterdam housing market

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The "Venice of the North" is famous for its canals, numerous museums and vibrant nightlife among others.

Nevertheless, the Netherlands "enjoys" one of the highest population densities in the world and Amsterdam is one of the densest areas in the country. Consequently, internationals moving to Amsterdam should be prepared to live in a house or apartment (significantly) smaller than the one they were used to.

Even though accommodation costs are high, some areas are less expensive (than others) and depending on their needs and wants, internationals may choose to live (a bit) far from the city centre, pay less and gain more space.

Moreover, unless one is planning to stay in Amsterdam for more than five years or to make a long-term property investment, it is better to rent.

Rental market in Amsterdam is costly but there are many agents (makelaars) that can provide assistance; it is advisable to contact a few and choose the one with whom you can establish a good rapport.

Housing options in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, expats can choose one of the following housing options:

 Studio apartments

A studio apartment is the cheapest option in Amsterdam. Studio really means studio though and thus, they are suitable for two people at most.

An average studio - between 40 and 50 square metres with an open kitchen and a (small) bathroom - costs between 800 and 1.000 euros per month (excluding gas, water and electricity) at the city centre and up to 200 euros less on the outskirts.

 One-bedroom apartments

One-bedroom apartments have a bedroom and a living / dining room, with an open or separate kitchen and a bathroom.

They are usually 55 to 70 square meters and cost 1.000 to 1.500 euros per month (furnished but excluding gas, water and electricity). Price depends on location and whether the apartment has an outside space like a roof terrace or balcony.

 Larger apartments

These are pretty much the same as one-bedroom houses but often spread over two floors, with the living and kitchen area on the first and the sleeping rooms (second bedroom usually small) and bathroom on the top floor.

Two-bedroom apartments should be 70 to 90 square metres and can cost anything from 1.250 to 2.500 euros per month depending on proximity to the city and added extras like gardens and roof terraces.

 Freestanding houses

As a rule, freestanding houses are located at suburbs like Watergraafsmeer or Amstelveen and offer comfort and usually, a reasonably sized garden!

Two-bedroom houses cost up to 2.500 euros per month while three-bedroom ones around 3.500; a rather good option for families with children attending an international school nearby.

Note that living in a suburb also raises transportation costs or even justifies one's decision to buy a car.


There are approximately 2.500 houseboats in Amsterdam and most of them are occupied by their owners or rented out for short periods.

Renting a houseboat costs around 1.700 to 2.500 euros per month (long-term) but, even though they are great in terms of novelty, they can be very noisy especially, during summer.

Personal note

Make sure you collect as much information as possible prior to moving over. Good luck!

Mike Russell is an Expat Service Provider with 10 years of experience in the housing market in the Netherlands. For inquiries and / or remarks, feel free to comment below or visit Perfect Housing.

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