Amsterdam to get 5.000 new homes

Amsterdam to get 5.000 new homes

The municipality of Amsterdam is planning on building 5.000 new homes in the city. These homes will be situated between Amstel Station and the hospital AMC.

Demolishing buildings to make space for houses

In order to make space for these new houses and apartments, out-dated office buildings in the so-called “Amstel-III area” will be demolished. The “Amstel-III area” lies between the Johan Cruijff and the IKEA.

A portion of the new houses will be built around the metro station Bullewijk. At this location, several accommodation towers coming in at around 100 metres high will be built. It’s not just houses that will be built in the area either; hospitality establishments will also be opened to make the new district a more attractive place to live.

“Greening up” the new Amsterdam neighbourhood

The new neighbourhood may be made greener by having the Hondsrugweg make room for the Hondsrugpark. The area is a designated “freezone”, meaning that it has relaxed rules and residents and entrepreneurs are allowed to alter the area to make it more attractive and pleasant.

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