Airbnb use in Amsterdam decreases for the first time

Airbnb use in Amsterdam decreases for the first time

After years of rapid growth, in 2018, Airbnb use in Amsterdam decreased for the first time, according to property consultant Colliers and figures from research bureau AirDNA.

Fewer people using Airbnb in Amsterdam

Airbnb has yet to publish figures for 2018; however, according to Colliers, the number of overnight stays decreased by five percent to a total of 1,98 million. In addition to the decrease in overnight stays, the number of available accommodations offered on the platform decreased too. This number fell by 8,3 percent, resulting in a total of 25.380.

The number of overnight stays and accommodation were not the only things that decreased, the market share Airbnb holds relative to hotels and others offering accommodation also fell. In 2017, Airbnb held a market share of 11,6 percent. Last year, this dropped to 10,4 percent.

Stricter rules in the Dutch capital

The stricter rules put in place in the Dutch capital city could explain the drop in Airbnb usage. In 2018, you could rent your apartment out to tourists for 60 days per calendar year. Now, since January 1, 2019, you can only do so for 30 days a year.

Moreover, since October 2017, every holiday rental must be reported to the municipality via an online form. The municipality carries out strict checks and can fine you 6.000 euros or more if you have not reported the rental of your property.

Not everyone seems to be following the rules though, as Colliers reports that in 2018, 41 percent of accommodations on the platform were rented out more often than the stipulated 60 days allowed. This figure applies to whole apartments or houses.

Airbnb grows in other Dutch cities

While numbers fell in Amsterdam, they grew elsewhere. In the municipalities Amstelveen, Zaanstad and Diemen, which are next to Amsterdam, Airbnb use grew by 36 percent to total 196.000 overnight stays. In these areas, the rules for renting out your place are not as strict as in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam itself, competing company Homeaway saw a growth of 61 percent, resulting in 136.000 overnight stays. In other Dutch cities, Airbnb overnight stays did increase. Take The Hague, this Dutch city is the second biggest for Airbnb stays and saw an increase of 22,6 percent to 226.000 overnight stays. In Rotterdam and Utrecht, Airbnb overnight stays also increased to 188.000 (+ 14,6 percent) and 160.000 (+ 3,5 percent) respectively.

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