About to renovate a house in Amsterdam and don't know where to start?

About to renovate a house in Amsterdam and don't know where to start?


Starting a renovation in a foreign city, whilst working and dealing with all other responsibilities, can be quite challenging. Although having a nice cosy home is important to you, you tend to get it all over with because of the stress renovating brings.

But what about if you could have your dream home without having to deal with all the stress? 

The concept design plan

Mabel got frustrated seeing the wasted potential of so many houses. So, over the years, she came up with a tangible affordable formula where she helps clients get an overview of their renovation project by making them a concept design plan. By working with the client within an agreed time frame, she creates plans for the ultimate floor plan of their home, provides insight into design options and materialisation, and helps to define the client's personal style. By working with Mabel, you can discover the look and feel of your interior based on your specific needs and budget.

Mabella Artisan plan

A good designer reads the needs and lifestyle of their clients. And sees it as their task to translate that lifestyle into their home.

What to expect?

As a starting point, Mabella Artisans will listen to the client’s needs and dreams in an intake and studies the client's mood board. From there, she takes it to the drawing table, preparing her design ideas for a creative and visual presentation held at their office on the Keizersgracht. They then take on board any feedback from the client, carrying out active brainstorm sessions about materials, colour and styling and help determine the client’s needs and answer their questions.

In these sessions, Mabella will share valuable information and bring the client's imagination to life, as well as proposing lots of samples, examples and good contacts. On top of all that, Mabella Artisans will deliver a detailed drawing with measurements for their client's contractor, a material proposal and a budget description.

Mabella Artisans makes sure that their clients enter the renovation process with an overview of what their house will look like and what needs to be done and bought. Mabella wants them to enjoy the process by supporting the client and supplying them with good drawings, a step-by-step plan, and lots of design tips and tricks and good contacts!

Mabella Artisans

About Interior Design studio Mabella Artisans

Mabella Artisans was founded in 2012 by Mabel Muijres. Mabel came to Amsterdam from Belgium, studying international relations at the University of Amsterdam. Working as a project manager on renovation projects in 2007, Mabel discovered her talent for interior design. As a true autodidact working in the field and a believer in an organic mindset, she has turned herself into a designer that stands for authenticity, elegance, natural materials, tropical vibes, hedonism, a passion for mixing in unique light fixtures and a strong eye for old school flair & aesthetics.

Mabel understands her work and her clients' needs easily and is fast to adapt the concept design trajectory to each project’s needs

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Contact Mabella Artisans

For information about what Mabella Artisans can do for you and how much the concept design trajectory costs, visit the official website, send them an email or call +31/613529787.



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