6 reasons to choose an NVM real estate agent when looking for a home

6 reasons to choose an NVM real estate agent when looking for a home


"Excuse me? What type of real estate agent? What is NVM?” You're likely reading this article because you have discovered that entering the housing market in the Netherlands from abroad isn't the easiest. You realise you need the best real estate specialist in the market to support you. That specialist will always be affiliated with NVM: the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents.

Here are six reasons why you should always opt for them: funda-logo_0.png

1. Extensive real estate database and listing site

NVM real estate agents exchange information about properties on the Dutch housing market and about transaction prices. This information is stored in a large database and is only accessible to NVM members. It is actually the largest real estate database in the Netherlands.

NVM also owns, the most popular real estate website. This site provides a convenient and comprehensive overview of homes for sale and for rent. Only NVM realtors have access to list properties on it. But no need to worry, NVM members collectively represent over 2.800 real estate agencies in the Netherlands. So you can rest assured that a large portion of the Dutch housing market is featured on


2. Trust and credibility

NVM is the largest association of real estate professionals in the Netherlands, with over 4.400 members. They weren't signed up overnight as NVM holds strict criteria for membership. Real estate agents have to prove they have the right education, certificates and experience in order to be granted admission.

They are also encouraged to keep their knowledge up-to-date with education that NVM offers through their own Real Estate Academy. This academy is the biggest real estate education centre in the Netherlands. Finally, and very importantly, integrity is a key requirement. Members of the association must have an impeccable reputation and adhere to ethical standards, known as NVM Code of Conduct.

3. Code of Conduct

So, what is NVM Code of Conduct? It actually specifies the level of expertise, objectivity and reliability that each and every NVM real estate agent commits to providing. An NVM agent is educated and may not have any direct or indirect interest in real estate, engage in unfair competition practices or represent both the buyer and the vendor in the same transaction, since this would constitute a conflict of interest.

4. Protection

When you collaborate with an NVM realtor, you benefit from the protection of a reputable industry organisation. In case of disputes or disagreements during the transaction process, you can rely on the support and mediation of NVM to find a satisfactory solution. All NVM agents are insured against damages resulting from professional errors. If a dispute should arise with an NVM member and the court rules in your favour, this insurance means the agent will be able to pay you damages or costs if they are ordered to do so.


5. International network

NVM has an international network and is a member of different international associations:

  • CEPI: The European Council of Real Estate Professionals.
  • TEGoVA: The European umbrella organisation for national appraisers' associations.
  • EPF: European Property Federation that represents all aspects of property ownership and investment.
  • FIABCI: A worldwide business networking organisation for all real estate professionals.

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting, especially when it comes to finding a place to call home. But you can be rest assured with the support of a NVM real estate agent. Whether you are looking for a temporary rental or your forever home in the Netherlands, they will be able to find the best place for you!

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6. Unburden

Last but not least: NVM real estate agents are dedicated to unburdening you by providing the best support throughout the process of looking for a house, buying it or later even selling it. They handle everything from property valuations and market analysis to negotiations and paperwork, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

NVM group of companies holds different subsidiaries that focus on technology like safely sending and signing paperwork to make the experience as seamless as possible, also from abroad. Inspired by the new NVM campaign, "The best place for you", their real estate agents embody the core values of involvement and care.



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