5 FAQs about the housing market during the corona crisis

5 FAQs about the housing market during the corona crisis

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Towering selling prices, a housing shortage and competition from other home seekers: finding an owner-occupied house in Utrecht is not an easy task. Is this still the case during the corona crisis? And how does it work if you want to view a house during these times? Broker Rutger Kanters from Waltmann Expat Broker answers five frequently asked questions about the housing market in times of corona.

What is the influence of the corona crisis on the housing supply in Utrecht?

We are seeing a rise in the supply. People who have bought a house that they will not get until later this year or even next year, are already putting their own house on the market. People want the certainty that their house has been sold. There seem to be fewer viewings, but there are still several viewers per house.

Have the asking prices fallen in Utrecht due to this crisis?

There still are many home seekers, more than the housing supply. As a result, many houses are still sold for more than the asking price. This is also good to know for house owners considering selling their house. In these times, too, you can still sell your house for a good price.

I want to view a house: how does this work in corona times?

During a viewing, we follow the rules of the RIVM. Upon entering, people must wash their hands, there are gloves available and inside the house, a distance of 1.5 meters must be observed. Also, a maximum of three persons at a time is allowed in the house. We do not accompany the people; viewers can view the house themselves. Afterwards, we can give them all ins and outs about the house - maintaining a safe distance.

I’d rather not view any houses. Is it wise to buy a house without actually having seen it?

We think this is not wise. Of course, you can view photos, drawings and videos of the house, but ultimately nothing can beat the feeling you get from actually walking around the house.

What influence does the coronavirus have on face-to-face contact with the broker?

However highly we normally value personal contact, we don’t think it would be wise now. For this reason, we now abundantly use video calling services such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom and Teams. This way, we can still see each other, which works well for many clients. Safety and health are top priorities at the moment.

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