450.000 households in social housing face rent increases

It is possible that 450.000 households living in the rent-controlled housing sector in the Netherlands will have their rents raised as of the first of July, the minister for housing, Stef Blok, has told the Tweede Kamer.

Two months notice

Anyone who is to have their rent increased must be given at least two months notice of the fact, so households who face the increase should be informed by the end of April.

However, due to problems with the assessment of the income of certain households, many people may find that the increase will happen on the first of August or September.

Income assessment

Though the assessments of household income, which are to be contributed by the housing corporations, tax authorities and local municipalities, has experienced some practical problems of late, the minister Blok is happy with the results to date.

The number of households in the social sector that have had their income assessed now stands at 1,7 million, with 27 percent of that number facing increases to their rent.

Congested sector

Any household which has an annual income higher than 43.000 euros will be hit by a maximum six percent rise.

Those earning between 33.000 and 43.000 will see their rent raised by at most 4,5 percent.

The government is hoping to encourage people on higher incomes to move on from their places in social housing and buy a house, so that the notoriously congested social sector will be freed for those who truly need a home at rent-controlled prices.

Source: Volkskrant

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