2021 colour trends for your home

2021 colour trends for your home

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home interior can make a world of difference during these unusual times where we spend most of our time indoors. Colours can have a positive impact on your mood and can motivate you to become more productive.

In order for you to elevate your living standards, we have looked into the colour trends of 2021 and prepared a short informative selection of colours trending for this year. Hopefully, we can inspire you to learn which colours speak to your personal taste the most and be inspired to upgrade your home in 2021.

Nature-inspired colours

Research shows that in 2021, people are turning to nature-inspired colours to create a sense of comfort and stability. During these uncertain times, it is normal to feel disrupted due to the ongoing changes in our lifestyles. We are searching for serenity and calmness through certain colours and want to feel more grounded and zen in our homes. There are certain colours such as green, blue or neutral beige which intrinsically convey these characteristics, and can allow for a positive change in your home atmosphere.

Shutterstock: Organic palette

Shutterstock has released colour trend predictions for 2021, which includes an organic palette with soft whites, rich golds and deep blue-greens. The creative director of Shutterstock, Flo Lau said that people are leaving behind the bright, saturated hues that defined 2020 and moving towards a rich and natural palette that invites new opportunities and represents a desire to be outside, or a longing to being outside and reconnecting with nature. Nature-inspired colours have also been advocated to increase mindfulness and optimism.

Dulux: Warm, neutral colour

The paint brand Dulux has chosen the colour Brave Ground - a warm, neutral colour that is stabilising and enabling - as the colour of the year 2021. It communicates an elemental colour, reflecting the strength that can be drawn from nature. It provides an opportunity to change and bring creativity into your home. Dulux has also used words such as “nourish, reset and retreat” in order to express their colour forecast for 2021.

Earth-based hues allow for a balance between working from home and living at home, as these two aspects of our lives continue to blend together in the upcoming year as well. As different companies have expressed the recurring theme of back to nature, we can expect that it will be an ongoing trend in 2021.

Pantone: Grey and yellow

Pantone has chosen the neutral Ultimate Grey and the vibrant yellow Illuminating as the two main colours of 2021. The combination of these two colours conveys a strong and hopeful outlook on the new year. The contrast of these two colours can uplift and bring warmth to your home interior.

The power of colours

Backed with years of research, the power of colours has become self-evident. If you want to upgrade your interior and use your space to support your mood, performance and daily interactions, think of adapting to the new year’s colours. It is still not too late. Be empowered, inspired and nourished by the colours of 2021 all in your own home!

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