Aham Vastgoed

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Sarphatistraat - 1018 GW
AHAM Vastgoed manages property portfolios for third parties and is involved in the purchase, sale and operation of properties around the Netherlands.
The biggest property portfolio that the company manages consists of property owned by J. H. F. Schopman en Zonen B. V. The original Mr. Schopman started in 1906 to develop the portfolio as it exists today. It consists of approximately 2,000 leasable units, including residential properties, shops, offi ces and business complexes. The bulk of the
properties in the portfolio are residential and situated inside the Amsterdam ring road. Many of the properties are listed buildings (on the municipal
historic buildings register). When tenants vacate any of the rented properties in the portfolio, AHAM Vastgoed renovates them and bring them up to the standard expected of sustainable and high-quality property. This involves fully insulating the properties, fitting them with luxury kitchens, modern bathrooms, wooden floors and new heating systems. We are very proud of the exclusive nature of our
residential properties and their beautiful locations.
Why not see and experience them for yourselves?