Childcare and Day care in Voorburg

Childcare and Day care in Voorburg

Are you looking for expat-friendly day care options in Voorburg for your children? Here is a list of selected childcare and day care facilities (English-speaking childbirth services, kindergartens, preschools, playgroups and after-school care).

  • Since 1984, Partou stands for professional, safe, and inclusive childcare that contributes to the development of children. Partou is the largest childcare organisation in the Netherlands. Around 7 settings in Voorburg we offer daycare for children aged 0-4 and out-of-school care for children aged 4-13.

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  • Zein’s passionate childcare teachers deliver an award-winning, internationally-oriented programme. With almost 5000m2 of natural gardens, a homely interior and spacious facilities (incl. on-site chef), The Little Castle is a magical place for little princes and princesses to grow, learn and develop. Bilingual (Eng-Dutch) & fully English-speaking groups for a smooth transition into international or Dutch schooling.

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  • At Kindergarden, we recognize that your child’s surroundings can influence them, and for that reason, we’ve carefully considered everything we do. That’s the secret of Kindergarden. And if everything influences your child, then we want to ensure that this influence is positive. We’d be delighted to tell you more about this at one of our locations.

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