Dentists, Orthodontists & Dental care providers in Voorburg

Dentists, Orthodontists & Dental care providers in Voorburg

Finding high-quality and modern dental treatment by registered dentists (tandartsen) and orthodontists when you arrive in Voorburg is necessary to maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums.

Do not wait to encounter dental emergencies (e.g. toothaches, inflammations, cavities, nerve pains, fallen-out fillings, gum diseases and many more) that cause you pain. It’s a matter of health!

There are many expat-friendly dental professionals, clinics and practices around the Netherlands. Visit the links below to learn more about their methods and services, locations and opening hours, and to book an appointment.

  • Whether you are young, adult or old, attention for your health and teeth is what M2 tandartsen is all about. A good personal bond is the basis for trust and with a service-oriented and skilled approach we ensure that your teeth are and remain in the best condition. You and M2, we take care of your teeth together.

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