Dentists, Orthodontists & Dental care providers in Amsterdam

Dentists, Orthodontists & Dental care providers in Amsterdam

Finding high-quality and modern dental treatment by registered dentists (tandartsen) and orthodontists when you arrive in Amsterdam is necessary to maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums.

Do not wait to encounter dental emergencies (e.g. toothaches, inflammations, cavities, nerve pains, fallen-out fillings, gum diseases and many more) that cause you pain. It’s a matter of health!

There are many expat-friendly dental professionals, clinics and practices around the Netherlands. Visit the links below to learn more about their methods and services, locations and opening hours, and to book an appointment.

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  • Lassus Tandartsen, a multilingual dental practice with three offices in central Amsterdam, help clients maintain healthy teeth and provide high-quality dental treatments.

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  • A modern dental practice with a holistic approach, a team of general dentists, biological dentists, hygienists and specialists with considerable experience in dentistry. We are a metal-free and articaine-free practice.

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  • Visit us for both general dentistry and several specializations, such as restorative dentistry, esthetic dentistry, implantology, endodontics, orthodontics and dental hygiene.

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  • Located in the historic centre of Amsterdam, Tandarts Jordaan offers the best dental care available. With exceptional facilities and hygiene practices; skilled and experienced staff; personalised customer care; and transparent pricing.

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  • Dental Practice TTH van Wou is located in area ‘de Pijp’ in Amsterdam. TTH van Wou provides several specialisations such as general and aesthetic dentistry, implants and oral hygiene. They also have a dental technician in-house for dentures, frames and small repaires. Open on Saturdays

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  • Dental Factory, located on the Jan van Galenstraat, is your dentist in Amsterdam West for all general dental treatments and specialisations. Our experienced team of dentists, dental hygienists and specialists pay a lot of attention to preventive dentistry. The clinic is open 7 days a week, including evening hours.

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  • iSmile is a specialist pediatric dentist and also offers standard and specialised dental treatments for the whole family. We’ll work with you to create a tailored treatment plan. New patients welcome: no waiting list! We can also communicate in English, Arabic and Turkish.

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  • DentalZorg is an accessible modern dentistry with three dental clinics in Amsterdam Noord and Zaandam. Our team consists of highly skilled, friendly and multilingual dental specialists who provide general and cosmetic dentistry, dental hygienists, dentures, implantology, orthodontics and more. We are open on Saturdays.

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