Zein Holiday Camps: Where wonderful memories and new friendships are made

Zein Holiday Camps: Where wonderful memories and new friendships are made


It seems like a recurrent phenomenon: those long summer holidays that always appear to approach much faster than anticipated. And while many families have a few weeks of holidays abroad to look forward to, the English-speaking activity Day Camps of Zein International Childcare offer a perfect solution for the summer holiday weeks spent locally.

Arranged by both age groups and activity themes, Zein’s programme offers children aged 4-12 a wide range of options aimed at ensuring every child will have great fun, learn new skills, discover new talents and make some wonderful memories with new friends made along the way.

This summer, the holiday camps run across multiple locations in The Hague from July 1 – September 3, offering nine different multi-activity & themed programmes carefully put together by a team of pedagogic professionals, sports teachers and other specialists to meet the interests of each child.

A typical camp day at Zein

Fun and engagement is the focus at Zein’s holiday camps. Their dedicated qualified childcare teachers ensure every child receives the individual attention and support they need to feel happy and confident as they enjoy a holiday adventure of themed workshop activities, sports, recreational games and, of course, (two weekly) field trips.

Over a decade of experience in providing camps for the international community has also taught Zein that a structured daily routine further contributes to the children feeling happy and at home at camp. Breakfast, lunch and snacks – all freshly prepared and organic – are served at set times and each day starts with a meeting to build enthusiasm for the adventures planned for that day.

The power of age-appropriateness

Fun camps for a holiday to remember!

Designed to spark the interest of all children in their care, one of the most decisive factors in Zein’s popular formula is the distinction made between the ages - typically broken down into two or three groups: the Explorers (4-6), Travellers (7-9) and Adventurers (9-12).

These groups each receive individualised programmes, offering a combination of activities suitable to the ages of the children whilst focussing on the overarching theme.

During Adventure and Survival Camp, the “Explorers” may be headed on a treasure hunt whilst the “Adventurers” get stuck in geocaching. Additionally, whereas the “Explorers” are gently guided in their activities and options, the “Travellers” and “Adventurers” experience more autonomy and control over the shape of their day.

Something for every child

The Zein Holiday Camps run during all holidays of the key international schools in The Hague and during the upcoming summer break. There are 9 themed day camps to choose from, so whether your child’s a sports enthusiast, someone who loves outdoor adventure, has an artistic mind or considers themselves a performer, they are sure to find a Holiday Camp that will suit them! All weekly programmes are complemented by two exciting field trips.

Good to know

Unlike most other (sports and activity) camps in the region, all Zein camps are fully registered with the Dutch authorities, so most working or studying parents can claim part of the holiday camp costs back via the Childcare Allowance. Zein staff will be happy to help you apply for the refund.

About Zein International Childcare

As the number one choice for international families, Zein International Childcare is the leading provider of international childcare services in the Netherlands, offering Day Care, Pre-School, After School and Holiday Care across multiple locations in The Hague region.

Working both independently and in partnership with key international schools, Zein delivers a specially designed approach that focuses on the uniqueness of growing up in an internationally oriented environment.


Questions? Contact Zein’s friendly team via 070-3268263, email them at [email protected] or visit the official site for more information.



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