Youth unemployment in the Netherlands falls

While the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose in August 2013 to 8,6 per cent, there was a drop in numbers of 11.000, almost entirely attributable to young people.

According to economist Senne Janssen of the Central Statistics Bureau (CBS) the reason more young people found jobs was due in part to the warm summer.

"The weather was beautiful in August. The terraces were full and therefore young people found a job more easily."

Another reason was the increase in entrants at colleges and Dutch universities, showing that currently more young people are choosing to continue studying and thus were not looking for work.

The CBS corrects the unemployment rates for these seasonal factors, but this year, according to Janssen, the factors were stronger than average. He believes it is likely therefore that the large fall in unemployment is incidental.

"Other labor market indicators do not point to a definite improvement," said the economist.

This fall comes, however, after a nearly continuous increase over the past two years.

While for most of this year unemployment rates have increased, and more people went on social security in August, the rise is less strong than earlier this year.

Specific groups increased

August saw 399.000 people currently on the social security benefit, one per cent more than in July and 31 per cent more than a year ago. More than two per cent more women went on benefits in August than in July, as were people over 55.

As is usual in the summer months (and end of school year), the number of unemployment benefits from the education sector rose significantly. The number of benefits from the construction industry, however, declined. Last year, these numbers were still on the increase.

In August, 54.000 new benefits were provided, while 50.000 benefits were terminated, mostly due to those people returning to work.

Sources: CBS, Volkskrant

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