Your legal expat questions answered

Your legal expat questions answered

Being an expat in the Netherlands comes with a variety of legal questions and challenges. HelloLaw offers affordable legal advice to answer these questions, and much more.

It can be challenging to be an expat in the Netherlands. Sometimes you are left with a range of legal questions and challenges. These must be understood, addressed and resolved to ensure a smooth passage to your new home. Let’s find out if we can help out with your expat query!

Pushing boundaries: Expats in the Netherlands

Whether someone can be called an expat depends on their country of origin, of course. A Belgian who moves to the Netherlands does not officially fall under the term expat. However, if a Belgian leaves for a year to work in China, then the term will be adopted. In addition, there are several important Dutch laws to take into account when you settle here for work.

Types of insurance in the Netherlands

Yes, purchasing insurance isn’t one of the most exciting things to think about when moving to a new country! However, as an expat, you must be fully informed about getting insured properly. If you don’t do your homework, you may encounter unpleasant surprises and you will run the risk of getting fined. If you aren’t correctly insured, or not insured at all, you’ll be out of pocket or face a much higher premium.

Find out how to avoid these headaches before it is too late!

Studying in the Netherlands and looking for a place to live

Are you currently not living in the Netherlands, yet wanting to study there? One of the first tasks to tackle is finding a place to live. You can choose between varying types of accommodation. These include a room in a student residence or independent accommodation, such as an apartment or a studio.

Finding a place to live in a "new" country isn’t always that easy or straightforward, however. There is the option of “social housing”, houses usually rented out by housing associations. Furthermore, there are options to rent within the private sector, covering houses that aren’t available via housing associations:

Working agreements in the Netherlands

As expats, after securing a job here, your company will give you a labour contract, outlining all the aspects of your employment agreement. It is not necessary to sign the agreement immediately. If there are any elements that are not clear or that you disagree with, always discuss them with your chosen company before signing.

If you are concerned or confused, do bear in mind that you can always seek legal advice. Remember, once you have signed the contract, you are officially in paid employment!

HelloLaw answers 40.000+ legal questions every year, has a lawyer network of over 550+ in the Netherlands and around 95% of legal questions result in a solution without a trial. Tip: Install Google Translate on the home page for a fuller overview of the services HelloLaw offers.

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HelloLaw’s team of skilled and dynamic legal advisors are here to help with queries on the implications of being an expat here in the Netherlands, and much more! For more information, fill in this form or give them a call on +31 (0) 88 1411 055.

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