Young people often victims of crime in the Netherlands

Over a quarter of young people were the victims of crime in the Netherlands in 2012, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) has revealed.

Majority of crimes against property

The majority of crimes recorded by the CBS were crimes against property, such as theft, and just under 20 percent of young people (aged 15 to 25 years old) were the victims of such crime. Twenty-six percent of this entire age group had been on the receiving end of some form of crime in 2012.

The research also revealed that people between 25 and 45 years of age are more likely to be the victims of vandalism, but it is posited that since this age group is generally wealthier they are more likely to have property with which to vandalise.

Crime faced by young people

Within the 15 to 25 years of age grouping, both men and women are just as likely to be the victims of any form of crime, and 45 percent of this age group reported feeling uneasy at times.

Violent crimes

The gender gap is more pronounced when it comes to violent crime, however. Young men are much more likely to fall victim to a violent crime than women.

The CBS survey has shown that young people who receive assistance after being a victim are much more likely to ask for help following a violent crime.

 Violent crime rate in Amsterdam

Note that the violent crime rate in Amsterdam was revealed to be surprisingly high, just like last year.

Source: CBS

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