This year’s King’s Day was the second wettest ever measured

This year’s King’s Day was the second wettest ever measured

2019’s King’s Day was the second wettest King’s Day ever measured! Luckily, this didn’t stop crowds of people from dancing in the rain.

Rainy King’s Day

For the whole of King’s Day 2019, rain showers fell across the country and temperatures were around 8C to 9C. This is a huge dip compared to the glorious highs of 20C plus enjoyed on Easter, the weekend before. In De Bilt, 8,9 millimetres of rain fell. This is second to the record Queen’s Day rainfall of 9,6 millimetres in 1955.

It wasn’t all rain though, as the sun managed to break through for a little while between showers and, in certain areas, temperatures rose to 15C. Brisk winds did, however, make it feel extra chilly.

Climate change most evident in April

Despite a chilly King’s Day, according to Weerplaza April is the 13th month in a row with a higher average temperature than normal - namely 11C. Such a long period of warm months is extremely unusual and has not been observed since weather measurements began in 1901.  

There was a period between July 1999 and June 2000 in which 12 consecutive months had average monthly temperatures above what is normal, but no period longer than this, until now. Ordinarily, warm months alternate with cool ones.

According to figures from the last few years, average temperatures in April have risen the most; climate change is thus particularly evident in this month. Temperatures of 15C are also being reached earlier and earlier in the year. Around 100 years ago, temperatures of 15C would be reached around mid-April. Nowadays, 15C is reached during the last week of March- three weeks earlier. This year, it was earlier still, hitting 15C in February.

Dutch Liberation Day forecast

As with King’s Day, it seems as though Liberation Day on May 5 will be on the chilly side. On that weekend, cold air originating from the North Pole will make its way across the country. Temperatures are expected to be around 11C - five degrees below typical temperatures - but could fall as low as 8C. In the warmest weather scenario, it could hit 15C.

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