Wintry weather: Snow may be on the way to the Netherlands

Wintry weather: Snow may be on the way to the Netherlands

Those who have been wishing for snow all winter may have their wishes granted this Wednesday, as snow may fall and settle Tuesday night. This means you may wake up to snow on Wednesday morning!

It’s snow-time

We’ve hardly seen any snow this winter, but it looks like some is finally on its way, albeit the wet snow variety. Jack Frost has taken his sweet time- it is almost the end of meteorological winter! So, what can we expect? Well, on Tuesday, February 25, the day will start off dry but in the course of the day, the possibility of showers will increase. The temperature will fall throughout Tuesday until it reaches around freezing point, increasing the possibility of wintry precipitation during the night.

The chance of waking up to a winter postcard is the highest in upland areas like the Veluwe, the hills in South-Limburg and the Nijmegen region. Elsewhere in the country, the snow is likely to disappear during the morning. On Wednesday, we may still get some wintry showers with wet snow and hail during the day. A thunderstorm may also be on the cards.

Windy days to come

For the rest of the week, the weather seems to be fickle. The temperature will rise, Wednesday is the coldest day of the week at around 6C to 7C, and the wind will pick up – bad news for those of you who don’t enjoy cycling in headwinds. The possibility of another storm has also not been excluded. Moreover, it looks like we’re going to get heavy rain on Friday and especially Saturday. From Sunday, temperatures will start to decrease again and we could be looking at wintry precipitation, with wet snow and hail, during the first week of March.

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Dann Ostrowski 05:01 | 26 February 2020

I just noticed here in Netherlands direction of your journey on bike doesn't matter. All this time is headwind, seriously... But I am pretty grateful this country forced me to cycling, that's what I live for, even through headwinds :D Greetings!