[Winter 2018] ACCESS Magazine

[Winter 2018] ACCESS Magazine


ACCESS Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication written for and by the international community in the Netherlands. The magazine is published four times per year and aims to enlighten, inform and connect all international expat readers.

About ACCESS magazine

ACCESS Magazine is published as both a printed copy, and in the shape of an e-zine. You can read the online version here.

Main themes: Think global and act local

This winter, ACCESS explores issues like sustainability, plastic pollution and climate change. We can face these global issues when we take action locally. Innovations in green energy, solar and wind power have a massive potential in keeping the world a more sustainable place, which are examined in detail in the magazine.

Also, managing food waste and responsible tourism are issues of the present day that can be acted upon locally, as a community and as individuals, for a better future. Read tips from residents and grow your awareness.

The winter issue also talks about expat mothers going back to work, keeping resolutions and self-care, such as growing within yourself with achievable strategies. Photograph exhibitions are taking place in many exciting forms this winter, which will be exciting for all photo enthusiasts, which are listed here so you don't miss out.


ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the international community in the Netherlands.

It is staffed by an enthusiastic team of around 115 volunteers from more than 35 countries, all of whom are trained to provide comprehensive information, advice and support, and who are empathetic to the experience of internationals.


Rachel Deloughry


Rachel Deloughry

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