Win a 50 m² space (and a free parking spot) in Amsterdam

Empty space inspires creative solutions and revitalising ideas - get involved!

Will it be for living or working? For gardening or for eating? For hosting guests or visiting? In Frankemaheerd, everything is possible.

The former headquarters of the Bijenkorf and Hema has not lost its warehouse function; here there is space for just about anything. That's why there's already a dance school, a fashion business, a hostel for women, a library, an exhibition space, a radio station, and schools, and soon enough short-term student housing and flexible office space will also be completed.

In coordination with the upcoming Empty Office Open Day (Open Dag Lege Kantoren), Frankemaheerd owner Rochdale hereby challenges you to bring them a plan.

Do you have a fun, interesting, or original idea for a new initiative that contributes to the building's unique mix of services? Then take a chance at getting the crucial nudge your company needs to become a reality!

Win six months rent, a free parking place, and 50 square meters of space, with use of facilities!

Submit your business idea before October 1 and even pitch your idea during the Empty Office Open Day on October 6 in Frankemaheerd.

It's a unique opportunity to test your plan's feasibility and originality!

Your plan should answer the following questions:
 What's the idea?
 Who are your customers?
 Why does your company fit into the mix at Frankemaheerd?
 Why does this company have a chance at success?
 How many square meters of space does your business require, in addition to the 50 m2?
 How will you arrange financing for your venture?

Your plan should be no longer than two A4 pages (including pictures!)

And then what?
Is your plan selected? Then you are one of the five entrepreneurs that will get 3 minutes to pitch your business idea on October 6. This is all the time you'll get to make your pitch as striking, sharp, clear and distinctive as possible.

If interested, send an email to: info[at]

And in case you might be interested in checking out one of the other 15 empty office spaces which will welcome the public on the Open Day, check out this list of the various options


Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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