Will schools reopen in smaller numbers soon?

Will schools reopen in smaller numbers soon?

According to RTL News, the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) has advised the Dutch government of a few new updates: that school students should begin gradually returning to school and that hospitality businesses like restaurants and cafes should remain closed until the middle of May.

Tonight, the Dutch cabinet will decide whether or not to relax coronavirus measures and if so, to what extent. The OMT, which consists of health advisors, is leading the cabinet meeting.

School attendance and hospital visitors

The OMT recommends that the schools open and that children go back in smaller groups. They also recommend that the school holidays be shortened to allow for catching up. Children up to the age of 12 can resume in taking part in sports up to three times a week, and will not need to observe the 1,5-metre rule.

Healthcare institutions like hospitals and nursing homes are recommended to begin expanding their rules to allow one or two visitors per patient. Additionally, recreational establishments like zoos and museums are to consider opening under strict conditions of physical distancing.

Hospitality and events on hold for a longer period of time

Bars, restaurants and cafes are recommended to remain closed until May 16 according to OMT advice. This date could potentially be extended further. Events such as conferences, concerts and festivals should be cancelled until September or October.

Definitive measures announced this evening

These were the recommendations given by OMT, appearing in RTL news today. The definitive decisions will be announced in tonight’s cabinet meeting.

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