Why you should relocate with Xpats-Service Relocation Agency

Why you should relocate with Xpats-Service Relocation Agency


Xpats-Service Relocation Agency is a Dutch domestic and international employee relocation management and consulting services company, dedicated to providing the best value in the relocation industry, making the relocation experience a well-managed process that is beneficial to the expat, their family and / or the corporation.

Built on the concept of: “It depends on your definition of – living-, from expat to compatriot.”

Every single client and transferring employee is important to Xpats-Service. They all have their own needs. Xpats-Service meets all of those unique needs by providing personalised, customised and focused services for everyone, in every situation. 

Three different relocation services

Xpats-Service offers three different relocation services:

Individual relocation

When it comes to individual relocation, they offer three packages and a tailor-made option for the expat themselves to help them relocate to the Netherlands.

Corporate relocation

When it comes to corporate relocation, Xpats-Service offers three packages and a tailor-made option for corporates to support them in all of the additional tasks and things they need to organise by hiring a transferring employee.

Additional services

There is a possibility for more specific additional services to suit your personal needs or situation.

Individual relocation

Moving to the Netherlands, for private or professional reasons, but not familiar with Dutch culture, manners and traditions? Xpats-Service will not only help you find the perfect home, but they will also make you feel at home, because if you don’t want to get stuck in the expat bubble, you will need to learn to adjust to life in a foreign country.

Xpats-Service is happy to help you with your big step, by supporting and navigating you through everything you need when starting this new adventure in a foreign country. For example, their Relocation Agents can help you through the local government red tape, assist you in finding the right school for your children, book a hotel to stay when waiting for the big moving day, assess your housing needs and find you long- or short-term rental accommodation, or even help you find a place to buy and get financial advice through Real Estate Agents. Everything is possible!

How Xpats-Service works:

Corporate relocation

Xpats-Service offers relocation solutions to international companies and their expat employees to make moving to the Netherlands as smooth and cost effective as possible. They're goal is to relieve companies, as well as their transferring employees, of the work that goes hand-in-hand with relocating. Creating a comprehensive and individually tailored relocation programme, Xpats-Service always keeps the unique, personal needs of corporations, their expats and their families in mind. In doing so, the new expat employee can focus on their new professional challenge in the company right from the start and get comfortable in their new place of residence.

Get in touch

Xpats-Service honour their word every day. They provide their clients and their transferring employees with the best relocation experience possible in a very personal way, through the knowledgeable and professional delivery of all their services. For more information about their services or other questions, feel free to contact them - they’re here to help!

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