What will be trending in 2016

What will be trending in 2016

A new year means new trends, for some to predict and for others to follow.

Dutch market researcher Klaus van den Berg, foresight expert Andrea Wiegman and science journalist Hanny Roskamp came up with the 2016 Hot & Not List.

Their aim with the list of 2016 trends is to illustrate major developments in progress. "From emerging signals and broader undercurrents we see that humanity wins out over the many minor and major inhumanities. We believe in this and have therefore called our list Being Human."

Hot 2016 / Not 2016

Caitlyn Jenner / Bruce Jenner
Metropolitan regions / Global village
Politics / Economics
Pro-aging / Anti-aging
Deeds / Words
Yurt living / Glamping
Self-confidence/  Self-marketing
Personalised diet / Diet gurus
Bio-plastic / Plastic soup
San Francisco / Silicon Valley
Walking / Running
Trolley cases / Backpack
Anonymous / Whistleblowers
Social / Social media
Rugby / Football
Listening / Talking
Epi-genetica / DNA
Pony (fringe) / Bun
Angela Merkel / Volkswagen
Sit/stand desks / Screen potatoes
Nigella Lawson / Jamie Oliver
Participating journalism / Commentators
Seitan / Glutenfree
One-piece jumpsuits / Tracksuits
Computer glasses / Sunglasses
Light L16 / Selfie-sticks
Development / Stand-still / Fashion bloggers
Vintage Nouveau / Second-hand
Deserts / Coastal areas
Talking about the weather / Talking about status
Fermented vegetables / Forgotten vegetables
Humans are underrated / Robot anxiety
B-society / 9-to-5 society
Prince Harry / David Beckham
Speedcleaning / Vacuum cleaning robot
Seaweed / Wheat grass
Free spirits / Followers
Empathy / Egoism
Cider / Beer
Pink / Beige
Itskoko / Speed-yoga
Rock garden / Vegetable plot
Circular / Linear
Stevia / Sugar
Blues, jazz, funk & disco / Rock
Silence / Spiritual posts on Facebook
Pop / Hip
Horrorism / Terrorism
Love / Money
Gender X / Generation X
Ethics / Tit for tat
Dressing up / Normcore
Less meat = less heat / Climate change

Klaus van den Berg is a political scientist and works in market research and strategy for corporate, public and non-profit companies and organisations.

Andrea Wiegman is a historian, foresight expert and the founder of trend network SecondSight and the Trendwatcher Of The Year (TWOTY) awards.

Hanny Roskamp is a physical chemist and a writer who publishes articles on health and food in magazines, journals and books.

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