What to do when relocating to the Netherlands by yourself

What to do when relocating to the Netherlands by yourself

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Are you planning to move to the Netherlands by yourself? Crown Relocations has a few tips that will surely help you find your footing!

Relocating to the Netherlands by yourself is an exciting and daunting prospect for many people. Moving to where you don’t know anyone can be scary. However, getting past your fear is an opportunity for a new way of life which will include many exciting experiences. Here are some of our top tips for settling in when relocating alone:

Be a tourist in your new city

To really appreciate living in your new city in the Netherlands, take some time to explore. Many people choose to explore by bicycle. Renting a bike is easy, relatively inexpensive and will help you get around quicker. You will need valid identification to rent one, so make sure you bring your ID with you.

Grab a guidebook and discover some of the local cultural spots. To understand the local culture is to appreciate the history of the place that you now call home. Consider a visit to Groningen, described as “the world’s most bike-friendly city”, where cars are barred from the centre. There are 10.000 parking slots at the railway station alone, so you’ll easily fit in with the locals!

Get out and make some friends

When you relocate, you should try to hold on to your previous interests and hobbies, or alternatively, take up something you’ve always wanted to do. This will give you the chance to meet like-minded people in your new community. Moving to another country can be intimidating but the answer is to throw yourself into every opportunity given to you. Say yes to every invite, you never know who you will meet or what you will take from it!

Another way you could meet people and gain new experiences is through volunteering. This is a great way to learn more about your community and maybe even make some friends. Perhaps you could even get involved with a charity through your new employer, as they may support a non-profit organisation.

Appreciate the differences you will find, don’t compare them

One thing that you have to accept when you relocate is that no living environment is going to be the same as your previous one and it may take you some time to adjust. But, if you treat your old home as somewhere separate, you can really throw yourself into your new adventure.

The Netherlands is home to its own set of traditions and holidays. But this is a good thing, there are now new things for you to celebrate and different traditions for you to experience as you settle into your life here.

All you can do is try

Even if it doesn’t turn into a long-term move, you will find that giving your all when relocating to the Netherlands by yourself will be a great learning experience. It will show you how determined and strong you can be. As well as opening you up to new experiences and meeting people you would not have met before. There is something for everyone to enjoy and you will surely feel at home in no time!

Crown Relocations has been helping families and individuals relocate domestically and internationally for over fifty years. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you relocate seamlessly for your next adventure.



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