What are invisible braces and why should you get them?

What are invisible braces and why should you get them?

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Shaira Kasi from Parla House of Dentistry explains the benefits of invisible braces like Invisalign or Suresmile Aligners for correcting your teeth alignment.

Old-school metal braces are stuck in your mouth, you can't take them out, which makes brushing your teeth more difficult. Invisible plastic braces on the other hand, you can take out! Invisible braces allow you to correct your teeth while being able to take them out with ease to eat or brush your teeth.

Depending on the position of your teeth and the desired result, you can see results after just six months with Invisalign or a Suresmile Aligner system.

How does the aligner system work?

A treatment with invisible aligner braces might look like the following:

Step 1: Intake with an orthodontics specialist

During the intake, you will discuss your needs with an orthodontic specialist, who will examine your teeth and give you a realistic picture of the possibilities. They pay special attention to the position of your teeth and inform you about how long you should wear the braces and what the associated costs would be.

Before getting to that point, however, many orthodontists will make a 3D mouth scan, so that you can see exactly what the result will be. It is important to tell the specialist about your own desires before starting treatment, and they will often adjust accordingly.

Step 2: Creating an action plan

The orthodontic specialist will then draw up a realistic plan of action. You will receive this plan with a detailed cost overview. Once you agree, the dental clinic will then order the first set of aligners and make an appointment to place them.

Step 3: Appointments for new aligners

Over a number of months, you will return regularly for the new aligners that will bring you one step closer to the final result each time. During these appointments, you can discuss your progress and ask any questions you may have.

Step 4: Having a perfect smile

Once you're done with the aligners and your smile has turned out exactly the way you wanted, you will receive invisible retainers that will hold your teeth nicely in place.

Schedule an appointment with a dental clinic

If you are interested in getting invisible braces, don't be afraid to schedule an intake appointment with an orthodontic specialist. They are there to listen to you and answer any questions that you may have about the process.

Want to know what invisible braces can do for you? Parla House of Dentistry offers a new orthodontic style that is convenient and high-quality. They work exclusively with Invisalign and Suresmile to help you achieve the best results possible. Give them a call at +31 103 034 444 or sign up for an intake on their website.

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