Warm weather in the Netherlands during long weekend

Warm weather in the Netherlands during long weekend

The weather in the Netherlands is temperamental to say the least and during the last public holiday it cooled down considerably compared to the days previous. This time round, with Pentecost weekend, sunny and warm weather is predicted.

Sunshine in the Netherlands

In the past, temperatures during Whit Sunday and Whit Monday reached maxima of above 20C at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) measuring point De Bilt 44% of the time since 1901. Despite a somewhat cooler run up to the weekend, with maximum temperatures of around 12C to 18C on Friday, May 18, the weather forecasted looks promising.

According to Weeronline, the weekend will begin cloudy, but sunny spells can be expected in the afternoon. On Saturday, temperatures of approximately 17C-20C are predicted, with a light to moderate wind coming from the north. There is a slight probability of a rain shower in the northeast of the country.

On Sunday, May 20, temperatures are set to rise as the wind changes direction and warm air is brought to the Netherlands. We can expect plenty of sunshine and temperatures above 20C. During the last day of the long weekend, temperatures are expected to increase even more across the country and reach between 21C and 24C. In Brabant and Limburg, temperatures may even climb to 25C!

On both Whit Sunday and Whit Monday, it is a good idea to get out the sun cream, as a UV Index of 5-6 is predicted between 12pm and 3pm. This means that there is a moderate to high risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure.

Temperatures here to stay

It’s not only during the long weekend that you can enjoy the sunny weather and the delightful temperatures, as this weather will stick around for a few days. Temperatures of roughly 21C- 24C and frequent sunny spells are forecasted.

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