Want to learn fast? Intelligence & Hard work don't really matter!

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Most people believe that learning means studying; something you do at school. What’s more, your learning abilities are supposed to say something about you - high grades reveal intelligence (or at least diligence), whereas low grades show that you are stupid or lazy. No wonder many people don’t like "learning."

Stupid or Lazy?

For many of us, the idea of learning or studying stirs up some unpleasant memories. Remember, back at school, when you had to waste so much time on boring stuff? Those schoolmates that seemed smarter than you, or those subjects (you know which ones) for which you could never find the correct answer? Was there something wrong with you?

And, to make it even worse, are you aware of the fact that more and more companies (and individuals) are embracing the idea of lifelong learning? Put simply, you need to learn new stuff for the rest of your life! Society demands it.

The same applies to Dutch. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you could speak the local language? Of course you have, but are you looking forward to learning more?

Funny, isn’t it? Even if there is something that you really want to master, many times you won’t because you have to learn it first!

Most people associate learning something new with experiences they had at school. Pleasant memories encourage you to go for it and learn fast. Unpleasant ones might lead you to postpone and, even worse, exclude the possibility of ever getting it. Is that really what you want?

Many things you learned about "learning" are not true!

For many people, "learning" requires you to be intelligent as well as used to working hard. Sound familiar? The only problem is... It’s not true!

Believe it or not, "learning" will never be a problem for you as long as you are curious and eager to explore new things. Isn’t that a great starting point? All you need is to allow yourself to have fun, and make mistakes. Numerous mistakes!

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes! In fact, this is the very essence of "learning" - play, experiment, have fun and enjoy the ride! Having fun allows you to learn much faster than you ever imagined!

The secret of learning fast is very simple

So, why don’t you forget all that nonsense about being super intelligent and working very hard? Just focus on your new endeavour for more time, have as much fun as possible, and let the process of "learning" take place in a natural and gentle way!

And don’t forget: enjoy making mistakes! No reason to force yourself, and no need for compulsion. Is that hard work? No... Will you consider yourself intelligent if you follow this simple rule? Well, probably yes!

The real fun

Learning is a funny thing; it can make people upset, but it can also make people extremely happy. People that we share the same office building with often ask me why my students laugh so loud. I always answer, "Because I teach them Dutch." They are surprised; they would never imagine that learning a new language would be fun.

But I truly believe that this is the best way to learn. Trust me, talking about silly things every once in a while allows people to discover their true talents, open up and learn fast.

That’s what I call "the real fun!"

Albert Both is a specialist on learning Dutch fast and gaining Dutch fluency while having fun.
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