Video of man metro surfing in Amsterdam leaves GVB stunned

Video of man metro surfing in Amsterdam leaves GVB stunned

A video showing an unidentified young man metro surfing in Amsterdam circulated across various social media platforms over the weekend. The city’s public transport operator, GVB, has filed a report with the police

Young man metro surfs between Van der Madeweg and Overamstel 

According to a GVB spokesperson, on Saturday, May 20, at around 9pm, a young man, believed to be between the ages of 20 and 30, climbed onto the roof of a metro at the Van der Madeweg station in the Duivendrecht neighbourhood of the city. He metro surfed for one-stop, before disembarking at Overamstel. 

Images of the incident quickly appeared on social media after a passenger on a passing metro spotted the man and decided to film it, before sharing the short clip on the website Dumpert. Other videos have since popped up on various social media platforms. 

GVB has filed a report with Dutch police

GVB was left stunned by the images. "It could have turned out very differently," a spokesperson told local news station AT5. "We really want to emphasise that we are surprised, that it is super dangerous and very stupid. It is also forbidden."

Workers for the public transport operator attempted to apprehend the man at Overamstel, but he managed to get away. According to AT5, the company has saved the surveillance footage and has filed a report with the local police. 

"[This] never happens,” the GVB told NOS. “You don't want to give this behaviour too much attention to prevent others from doing stupid things like this.”

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YuryKornev2 21:05 | 22 May 2023

Oh no. This shit has come to the Netherlands... I hope he is only one and nobody will do it again.