[Video] The first coronavirus vaccination in the Netherlands

[Video] The first coronavirus vaccination in the Netherlands

Sanna Elkadiri, a healthcare worker from Eindhoven, received the first coronavirus vaccination for the Netherlands in Veghel (near Den Bosch) on Wednesday morning. Watch the moment she received the vaccine in the video below. 

Dutch healthcare worker receives Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine

Elkadiri works at a care facility for adults with dementia. Speaking to the NOS on Tuesday, she said she received the call on Saturday, January 3, asking whether she was willing to be the first person in the Netherlands immunised against coronavirus: "I had to think for a while, but in the end I'm doing it mainly for myself, but also for the message to the outside world: get vaccinated so that we can return to a normal society."

Speaking at the vaccination site on Wednesday morning, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge called it a "symbolic moment," but noted that it was only the beginning of the end of the coronavirus crisis. 

Curious about when you could receive the vaccine? Read all about the Netherlands' vaccination strategy here.

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